Why Are Chinese Hearing Aid Manufacturers Increasingly Popular?

According to the World Health Organization, there are about 466 million people worldwide suffering from hearing loss (1), of which 34 million are children. Unresolved hearing loss causes a global loss of $750 billion annually. Interventions to prevent, identify and address hearing loss are cost-effective and can be of great benefit to individuals.

Well-known Hearing Aid Manufacturer In The World

Oticon: Founded in 1904 by Hans Demant in Denmark to help his hearing-impaired wife Camilla. Oticon was later run by his son William Demant and is still owned by the William Demant Holding Group today.
Oticon's current philosophy is "people-oriented."
Oticon is highly regarded for creating Digifocus, the world's first digital hearing aid.
Today, they focus on personalizing accessories for each wearer to get a more natural and relaxed listening experience, which they call BrainHearing technology.
Phonak: Phonak has always been committed to the development of innovative modern hearing aids - Swiss manufacturers have maintained this standard for nearly 70 years. When developing new hearing aids, always focus on customers, wishes and personal needs.
Widex: Widex is headquartered in Denmark and has a full carbon dioxide neutral building. They are a family business founded in 1956.
They are known for their breakthrough computer modeling and laser technology custom headphones (CAMISHA housing) and have the first all-digital in-ear hearing aid.
Starkey: Their philosophy "Hearing is our concern" began in 1967 with the founder of William Austin. Starkey has a strong commitment to philanthropy and will donate to the Starkey Hearing Foundation every time you purchase a Starkey hearing aid. Through this foundation, they donated more than 1 million hearing aids to people around the world.
Starkey is the only operating hearing aid supplier in the United States, located in Minnesota.
Starkey is acclaimed for creating the industry's first canal hearing aid and the first custom digital invisible hearing aid.
Signia: The origin of the Santos Group began with Siemens, which was founded in 1878 by Werner von Siemens. He developed a phone call for hearing-impaired patients to better understand the conversations on the phone.
In 1959, Siemens developed the first BEP hearing device Siemens Auriculate.
They are best known for releasing the first digital hearing aid with two microphones (directional microphones), the first wireless hearing aid, and the recently the first waterproof digital hearing aid.
ReSound: ReSound is a company founded in 1943 and headquartered in Denmark. They are owned by the GN ReSound Group.
ReSound is acclaimed for creating new sound processing systems with Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC). They are also the first major hearing aid company to introduce open hearing devices, which is still popular today.
Recently, they were one of the earliest hearing aid companies to release iPhone hearing devices.

Chinese Hearing Aid Manufacturers Are Growing Rapidly

Although there are many choices for hearing aids, many people are hesitant to buy hearing aids.
The price of hearing aids is growing every year, although the price itself seems too high compared to the previous price, what is worse is its continued growth rate: in the past decade, the price of the average behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid has turned over. More than doubled. Even today, the price point has not subsided. Often, we don't see low-cost hearing aids.
For consumers in ordinary households, it is difficult to accept the current price of hearing aids. Major manufacturers have now shifted production to low-cost China (such as Phonak). But the price still has no downward trend. Then, with the rapid development of the Chinese hearing aid brand, it has quickly entered the market of hearing aids.
Some people may worry about the quality assurance of hearing aids made by Chinese manufacturers? Can you achieve the expected results and so on?
no need to worry. Most of China's hearing aid manufacturers are introducing the world's most advanced chips and technologies through the development and manufacture of domestic teams. Reduce the cost of production, labor costs. With other similar brands, the price can be discounted 2~4 times under the guarantee of quality. Very suitable for the purchase of ordinary people. It is also possible to complete the gaps in this type of market.

Choosing The Benefits Of Chinese Manufacturers


Reduced manufacturing costs

China is known as the world's processing plant, and the cost of China's manufacturing industry is very low. Management fees, training fees, and welfare expenses for Chinese manufacturers. It is the lowest in the world. Is the object of choice for brand companies worldwide

Terror production capacity

Chinese factories produce goods for the global economy. Their manufacturing capabilities go far beyond the imagination of the people of the world. Workers in Europe and the United States work up to eight hours a day, but China works an average of 12 hours a day. You can guarantee that the goods you need are manufactured in the shortest possible time.

Strict quality assurance

The products produced by Chinese manufacturers can be said to be better than the products of other countries' manufacturers. This will be recognized by consumers all over the world.

The Development Trend Of Chinese Hearing Aids

According to the "Status and Future Trends of the Hearing Aid Market", there will be more hearing aid wearers in the future, and the demand will increase year by year. More Chinese branded bluetooth hearing aids will also be needed. Choosing to work with Chinese hearing aid manufacturers will be a necessary trend in the future.

How To Find A Chinese Hearing Aid Manufacturer

This Great Ears company is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is a fast-growing manufacturer of advanced EarsMate brand digital hearing aids, OTC hearing aids, Bluetooth hearing aids, hearing amplifiers and personal sound amplifiers (PSAP) hearing devices. As a manufacturer of professional hearing aid products, our highly integrated capabilities are designed to provide our customers with fast response, high capacity, high quality, and OEM / ODM services, but low-cost hearing aid assistance solutions including PCB design, housing molding, and software customization,meanwhile,you can get the free shipping and wholesale hearing aid price on the hearing aid store
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