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What is a Bluetooth hearing aid?

Bluetooth hearing aids combine state-of-the-art Bluetooth functionality with hearing aids. The corresponding Bluetooth accessory converts the sounds that need to be accepted (such as TV sounds, phone sounds, and other people's conversations) into audio signals. Bluetooth hearing aids produced by hearing aid manufacturers can avoid distortion during transmission, provide good sound quality, enable hearing impaired people to watch TV, make phone calls, enjoy communication, and improve the clarity of noisy environments. But all Bluetooth devices have distance limitations, most of which are around 20 meters.

Bluetooth hearing aid function

Bluetooth®: A wireless technology standard for short-distance data exchange between fixed equipment, mobile equipment, and building personal area networks (UHF radio waves in the 2.4 to 2.485 GHz ISM band). It was originally created by telecommunications giant Ericsson in 1994 as an alternative to the RS232 data line. Bluetooth can connect multiple devices to overcome the challenges of data synchronization.

First, the advantages of Bluetooth hearing aids:

1. It can establish a connection with other Bluetooth devices at the same time;

2. The data transmission rate can reach 1Mbit / s;

3. Low power consumption, good communication security;

4. Obstacles can be connected within the effective range without special communication viewing angle and direction requirements;

5. Support voice transmission;

6, the network is simple and convenient

Second, the shortcomings of Bluetooth technology:

1. Bluetooth is a technology that is not yet fully mature. Although it is described as promising, it still needs to be rigorously tested in actual use. Its communication speed is not very high. But in today's era of data explosion, it may also have an impact on its development.

2. At present, the mainstream hardware and software platform does not support Bluetooth, which makes its application cost increase and the difficulty of popularization increases.

3. The ISM band is an open band that may be subject to interference, such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, scientific instruments, industrial or medical equipment.

Applicable people for Bluetooth hearing aids

Hearing impaired teenager

Bluetooth hearing aids make the sound clearer and more natural, helping young people with hearing loss and reducing the impact of hearing loss


With a Bluetooth headset, you can let go of your hands, especially for adults who need to deal with other things while on the phone. Such as salesman, driver, etc. It uses far less radiation than the phone, which is only one-eighth of the number of phones. So it is good for health, use Bluetooth wireless connection, answer the phone and not rush to find the phone, pick up the headset to answer. Suitable for white-collar workers. The Bluetooth headset is small, lightweight, and doesn't feel sour when talking for long periods of time. Suitable for calls between couples.


Bluetooth hearing aids automatically adapt to the environment, reducing noise and making the sound clearer. Improve the hearing of the elderly. It can connect to TV, multimedia and other devices. Improve the quality of life and enable older people to enjoy a better life

Bluetooth hearing aid costs

The continuous innovation of Bluetooth technology makes the hearing aid have Bluetooth function. However, the price of hearing aids is generally high. In addition, the cost of Bluetooth is even more ridiculous. The average hearing aid price starts at $1,000, the intermediate level ranges from $2,000 to $3,000, and the advanced can even reach $5,000. However, if you buy from a Chinese hearing aid manufacturer, you don't have to spend so much money. The low prices they give you can't imagine.That's right, it's true. Do not believe you can come to consult

The most popular Bluetooth hearing aids

1.Invisible Bluetooth in Earsmate Iphone Hearing Aid

Earsmate's best Bluetooth 4-channel digital signal processing chip reduces external noise from cars and people, helping you hear more clearly and comfortably when you get FDA-approved conversations with others. Suitable for mild and moderate hearing loss. The loss is in the range of 20-35 decibels (dB). This is a great gift for adults or seniors who want to improve their hearing.

2.Earsmate Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aids use today's wireless technology to help all hearing impaired users easily connect with iOS and Android phones, TVs, tablets and other favorite audio devices.

The new rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aid G-25-BT uses the latest wireless Bluetooth technology to easily adapt to hearing loss for all adults, seniors and the elderly, and with iOS and Android phones, TVs, tablets and other audio device.

3.Earsmate Best Bluetooth Hearing Aid G25BT

Bluetooth V4.2 chip

• Maximum sound output up to 125dB

• Maximum sound gain up to 45dB

• Rechargeable battery capsule (last work 60 hours per charge)

• DC5V 1A power charger for 60mAH lithium battery - provides at least 500 charge cycles

• Full power charging for about 3-6 hours

• A set of hearing devices for 3 purposes: to amplify the ear, to answer the phone or to listen to music.

• Adjust the volume of each hearing aid to 4 levels.

• The hearing amplifier mode takes up to 60 hours (depending on the surrounding noise level)

• Up to 5 hours of talk time

• Music playback time is up to 5 hours

• Standby time is about 100 hours

• English voice prompts

At last

Hurry up, If you still feel good, please contact us. Of course, if you have any comments, you can comment below, we will answer you one by one.

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