Free Shipping EV1 Rechargeable CIC Hearing Aids Full Pair On Sale

Free Shipping Rechargeable CIC Hearing Aids Full Pair Only $69.6 On Sale

New Earsmate G17D By Free Shipping For the EV1 Rechargeable CIC Hearing Aids Full Pair Only $69.6 On Sale to Aid and Assist Hearing Impaired Seniors Hearing Loss Rechargeable and Nearly Invisible 2021 from Manufacturer China With 1 Year Warranty and 7 Days Money back as per the after service policy.

Earsmate Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    The China Earsmate Rechargeable CIC Hearing Aids Full Pair are everything you've been looking for in a hearing aid amplifier. Hearing impaired or hearing loss customers ranging from young adults to seniors and elderly have found Earsmate Hearing aids to be the best device for clear audio and have operated them with ease. They are extremely affordable, long lasting, comfortable fit, and most importantly they provide clear, crisp sound so you are no longer missing out on conversations and saying, "huh?" and "what?" all the time. Getting the Earsmate Rechargeable CIC Hearing Aids For Your Nice Hearing and Nice Life. ,

The Earsmate New Rechargeable CIC Hearing Aids Full Pair For Seniors on Sale 2021


- 100% brand new rechargeable hearing aids in the ear

- Super mini size,light weight, easy, comfortable to wear

- Silicone ear pads in 3 different sizes , suitable for most of ear

- Convenient wear

- Volume Adjustable

- Low noise, low distortion;

- Anti-shock, anti-drop, moisture proof, high temperature proof

- Help people with hearing impairment to hear sound and voice

- Small and portable Charge box


1.Max sound out put:115+/- 3dB

2.Sound gain:>= 28dB+/- 5dB

3.Total harmonic wave distortion:

4.Frequency range:300-3500MHz

5.Input Noise:


7. Full charging in 6 hours for working time to 30 hours

8. Charging box and USB charging cable

9.Charge Box white Color As picture

More about the product

Affordable - Only $69.6 Full Pair by Free Shipping From manufacturer China

No audiologist?Yes,It is no problem with this OTC hearing devices. Costly Doctor visits and prescription hearing products will often cost upwards of $3,000. The Earsmate hearing aid devices from manufacturer China are not only a fraction of the cost of prescription hearing aid amplifiers, but they also offer a 7 day money back guarantee. Earsmate Rechargeable Cic hearing aids make perfect gifts for elderly family members with hearing loss.

Superior Sound - Original Chipset

No more missing out on any conversations with friends and family. Earsmate EV1 rechargeable CIC hearing aids amplify speech while reducing background noise, making it easier and more comfortable for you to hear in noisy settings. The sound quality is consistent, long lasting, sharp, and you can even control the volume for your individual needs. Works great for high tones and TV dialog as well.

100% Rechargeable - Mini Portable Charge Case for this full pair of 2 units Rechargeable Hearing aids charging.

The high quality Earsmate rechargeable hearing amplifiers are 100% rechargeable and feature a 25-30 hour battery life with a 4-6 hour charging time. No more fumbling around with tiny button batteries,Earsmate EV1 (G17D) rechargeable CIC hearing aids are perfect for people who have dexterity issues or are just simply tired of endlessly buying and replacing batteries for their hearing devices.

Incredibly Comfortable - our proprietary material used to make each amplifier provides an enhanced fit and improved listening experience, all while comfortably floating inside of your ears. The small silicone earbuds look and feel similar to a pair of wireless headphones. They don't slip out and were created to fit perfectly in the ear. All Earsmate hearing aids devices come with different sized earbuds included in the package (small, medium and large) so you can easily find your personal perfect fit.

Virtually Invisible - Earsmate hearing assistance devices are comfortable, small, and virtually invisible. They disappear into the ear canal like magic, so no one will know you’re wearing hearing aids. 

What is the packaging?

The free shipping Package Includes full details:

2 x Rechargeable hearing aids

6 x Earplug of different size

1 x USB data cable

1x Charge Box

1x Brush

1 x Instruction manual.

Using Note:

- Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.

- Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.

- Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.

- If you hear a howling,check the earbud is appropriate and whether the size of plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage.

- Please regularly clean the ear plugs or device to ensure the normal use of hearing aids.

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