New smallest Digital RIC Hearing Aids 2019

New smallest Digital RIC Hearing Aids 2019
This is the newest hearing devices, developing by our factory R&D for the 2019 hearing aids market, the smallest over behind-the-ear with invisible Receiver-in-canal RIC digital Hearing Aids with 2 or 4 Channel Digital Processor and longer rechargeable batteries.
There are some unique features with this new digital Ric hearing aids:
 1. Digital Mode button-N/H/S 
 2. Power switcher-on/off
 3. Volume adjustable-up/down
 4. Smallest body size- discreet and light
 5. Original USA digital chips- natural voice
 6. Moving Iron speaker- clear sound
 7. DC Power charger portable
 8. Touchable button- easy to use
 9. 2 Channel/4 Channel digital signal processing
10. High quality rechargeable battery working up to 60+ hours
This is the new Ric hearing aids with original designed artwork pictures
The top 7 Reasons Why You Should Wear the Earsmate new smallest digital rechargeable RIC Hearing Aid
1) Comfort: There is no other style of hearing aid on the market that is more comfortable. 
2) Lack of occlusion: RIC hearing aids (for the most part) leave your ear canal completely open and greatly reduce that “echo” effect.
3) Lack of feedback: On a RIC hearing aid, the receiver is tucked all the way down inside your ear canal, while the microphone sits behind your ear. In terms of hearing aids, this is a good amount of separation of those components and this greatly reduces the chances of feedback.
4) Features:Because the housing of a RIC hearing aid has plenty of room for today’s complicated hearing aid circuit boards, RIC hearing aids almost always have room for the latest technology.
5) Flexibility:You can start wearing a RIC device when you have a mild to moderate hearing loss, and with a few inexpensive modifications by your hearing provider, the majority of RICs will still be powerful enough for you in the event that your loss progresses to a severe or profound loss. 
6) Low profile:  RIC hearing aids can be just as discreet, or even more discreet than in-the-ear aids. 
7) Standardization of design: Because the design of RIC hearing aids is standardized (and not customized per each individual), it is simple for your hearing provider to replace parts when worn down.
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