The Event of American Academy of Audiology Annual Meeting 2021

The Event of American Academy of Audiology Annual Meeting (AAA2021)
The China hearing aid brand of Earsmate broadcast that the company of Newsound as the Represents of Chinese National Hearing Aids to attend the American Academy of Audiology Annual Meeting this year of April 14 to 16 (AAA2021), Regarding the the American Academy of Audiology(AAA) ,which is the world's largest professional organization of, by and for audiologists. Representing the interests of approximately 14,000 audiologists nationwide, the Academy is dedicated to providing quality hearing care services through professional development, education, research, and increased public awareness of hearing and balance disorders.
With the goal of promoting the Chinese national hearing aid brand, the Newsound Technology Co. showcases domestic industry-leading technologies and innovative products through online exhibitions.
1. Let charging equipment have more imagination
  The AAA exhibition in 2021, let charging equipments have more imagination. In fact,the rechargeable hearing aids products are still the main series launched by Newsound,as well as the new China brand of Earsmate, which has some best sellers rechargeable hearing aids on Amazon currently,including the Earsmate hearing aids of G25,G17 etc..
From the Newsound’s beginning of the research and development of rechargeable products in 2012, its technology and market precipitation in the past 10 years fully proves that the rechargeable hearing products are better than non-rechargeable products in terms of user experience, energy and environmental protection, charging methods, economy and expanded functions With more possibility, rechargeable hearing aids are still the key development direction of Newsound.
Currently, Newsound’s rechargeable hearing aids have a mature system.
Not only the industry's first RF wireless charging and improved magnetic charging, but also detachable and USB line charging and other types of charging hearing aids, with EZCharge exclusive patented charging technology, to prevent overcharging and overheating, to meet the user's individual choice and safe use demand.
  In terms of battery life performance, the fastest charging time is only 1.5 hours, and the longest battery life is as high as 36 hours. At the same time, it also has practical functions such as drying, sterilization, intelligent control, and charging protection, which can meet the increasingly complex and personalized product needs of consumers.
2.Continue to break the stereotype of hearing aids
   New Sound Hearing Aids will continue to break the stereotype of hearing aids, the traditional and bulky hearing aids may disappear from the market gradually.
   The Newsound continues to innovate in the appearance and use of hearing aids in order to respond to the flexible and changeable market demand and conform to the aesthetic trend of the times. Including the ready-to-use POCO Z in-ear series hearing aids, the bib-type BW earphones that are more suitable for sports, the POCO X series earphones for audible music like TWS earphones, the Primo W hearing aids with RF wireless charging experience, etc. The fashionable appearance further subdivides the types of hearing aids to meet the more precise needs of different groups. Except for the Newsound, another Chinese new brand of Earsmate have some new hearing aids products launched too,there are some new earsmate hearing aids information as below:
3.Multi-scenario application is the development trend
 Can hearing aids only solve hearing aids? The newsound’s new products give a negative answer.
   Hearing impaired people have similar needs as those of normal hearing people in terms of listening experience, including listening to music, watching TV, making phone calls and outdoor sports, etc. At present, the traditional hearing aids that focus on medical hearing correction on the market cannot cope with the user's demand for entertainment experience, which weakens the hearing experience of the hearing impaired.
The "Smart Listening" series of products launched by Newsound this year are aimed at how to greatly improve the entertainment capabilities of hearing aids, expand the performance of products in multi-scenario environments, and carry out product upgrades and market layouts, including those for watching TV and listening to the market. Hearing/hearing aid products dedicated to music, support for remote fitting, Bluetooth customization, and quick start, pick up and use
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