What Is The Benefit of Bluetooth Hearing Aids ?

What Is The Benefit of Bluetooth Hearing Aids ?

The bluetooth hearing aids allow you to be more connected than ever, streaming sounds from compatible wireless technology directly into your ears if you have the Apple IOS phone or Android smartphone, it is now possible to get sounds from these devices transferred to your hearing aids, meaning you no longer have to worry about inconveniences caused by earbuds ever again.

The benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids facilitate wireless connectivity with Bluetooth-compatible devices, including the Mobile smartphone, music player, personal computer, and television. With Bluetooth, you can stream sound directly to your hearing aids.

Here are 3 things you can do with Bluetooth digital hearing aids that you can't with traditional hearing aids:

Audio on the go

You don’t need to take out your hearing aids to put in headphones. Instead, stream audio directly to your hearing aids while walking or working out. Another perk? You can retain your ability to hear what’s going on around you. 

Control the Volume

You can watch TV with your family or friends and adjust your sound without changing the volume for everyone. 

Handfree call

You can take calls without lining up your phone with the hearing aid microphone. 

How to Pair bluetooth hearing aids

How to connect hearing aid to phone? When you connect your bluetooth hearing aid to a Bluetooth device, such as a Android Phones or Iphone, it is called “pairing the devices.” Once paired, you can take calls or listen to music without having to hold your phone up to your ear or deal with wires.

Here,let's show you how to connect one of the Earsmate wireless bluetooth digital hearing aid E16 step by step:

1.Install APP

The APP name is the "YaoSound AudioControl" that has been launched on Google Store.So,you can download it on the Google store.


Or download through this link:


Note: Currently the app only supports Android phones,and the IOS APP will come soon

2.Pair to device

When you finish to install the APP on the mobile phone,please make sure your phone bluetooth is open and working well.
Find the bluetooth hearing aid's APP on your bluetooth list with the default name of E16-R,then click theE16-R for pairing to connect and seting.You can change the E16-R to the name you want.

3.APP control

When you have the pairing or connect succeeded,you will have the APP management system to adjust the Volume tone from 1 to 6,and choose the different 4 modes,as well as control the sound equalizer by the EQ.


People who wear traditional hearing aids often struggle to hear audio from cell phones, televisions, computers, and other personal audio devices. However, the Bluetooth hearing aids help solve that problem, they bring the traditional daily benefits of hearing aids along with clearer audio and greater sound control.

Smartphone app control Pair your smartphone with your hearing aids for easy hearing aid control. You won’t need to manipulate your hearing aids directly — instead you use the app to adjust settings like volume and connectivity.

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