The Top 6 Hearing Aids Manufacturers of China 2020

Top 6 Hearing Aids manufacturers from China of 2020
If you are going to import hearing devices from China and looking for quality manufacturers, to be sure that you are in the right place.
With 5 years of manufacturing experience in China, we can help you review the best hearing aid manufacturers. Here, we will recommend the top 6 best hearing aid products manufacturers in China 2020,including the Earsmate , Jinhao , Retone , Austar , Newsound and Acosound .
We support people who are trying to provide hearing solutions to the hearing impaired.
Hearing loss is a global topic and around 466 million people worldwide have hearing loss problem and thirty-four million of them are children. It is estimated that by 2050 over 900 million people will have hearing loss problem. It’s obviously to know why there is an expanding and huge demand for high-quality hearing devices.
No. 1: Earsmate
The Earsmate is growing fast and becoming Chinese premier hearing aid manufacturer in the domestic market for C2C Online shopping. From their state of the art production facility in Guangdong province, they manufacture the Behind-the-ear (BTE) , In-the-ear (ITE) types of hearing aids , Rechargeable hearing aids, affordable digital hearing as well as the bluetooth hearing aids and other turnkey hearing solutions for the industry. Their engineers combine the latest technology with expert craftsmanship and pride themselves on their high quality and standards.
Their management team consists of audiologists and other industry professionals dedicated to offering excellent service and real human advice. They consider themselves to be more than just a production facility and believe that by listening to their customers and their ideas, together they can unite the world.
They offer a host of services that provide flexibility at every step of the process. With free consultations, a free design service and free after-sales support for all buyers, they stand confidently behind their products, and their Hearing aids devices or sound amplifiers are approved by the China FDA, also meet CE and USA FDA standards.
By now, the Earsmate company have their hearing aids products sold in about 56 countries and areas of Worldwide and served for thousands of retailers and millions of end-users who are from Europe of UK, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Middle East, India, Philippine, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam ,USA, Canada , Mexico, Brazil and so on.
Their unique patent products are advertised under their brand name Earsmate. Their devices look modern and quality, and some new high quality digital hearing aids have rechargeable power sources,like the model of G26RL,G28RIC etc.. They offer BTE & ITE options, as well as the cheap cost bluetooth hearing aids.
No. 2: JinHao
Jinhao is one of China’s leading manufacturers of medical devices. They produce hearing aids, nebulizers and specialized air mattresses for the aged.
They are a nationally recognized manufacturer and have recently expanded internationally. They have several branches now open in China, and a new office in India. In 2018 they announced the launch of the JHD19, a next-generation hearing aid which is a new water-resistant digital BTE device.
No. 3: Retone Hearing
Retone is a young and forward-thinking company.
They are one of the few companies on this list that offer direct to consumer products. Their flagship product is the Bro wireless charging BTE hearing aid.
They are quick and easy to use and get the job done with minimal fuss. They have a 20-hour battery life, and a full charge takes no longer than 6 hours. Their Vigor range is controlled via Bluetooth and users can change settings through a specially designed App. The focus of the company is clearly on compatibility with tech to give users maximum integration and ease of use.
Their branding and product choices reflect the audience they are trying to woo, and it seems to be paying off. They are earning a reputation among younger users.
No. 4: Austar Hearing
AST Hearing Science and Technology manufacture hearing aids, Hearing devices and medical equipment in connection with Otology.
They have a multinational presence and are another one of the big players on our list. They have HQ’s in Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong and Singapore.
In the EU and the US, their sales are growing exponentially as they find favor with audiologists and other healthcare professionals. Every step of the way the company embodies professionalism and empathy towards its customers.
Their products are made from exceptional materials and incorporate the latest technology. Their Lenx 16 product range has features like a built-in audiometer and tinnitus masker, 3rd-generation dynamic feedback cancellation (DFC), FRONTWAVE directionality and wind noise manager to name a few.
No. 5: AcoSound
Acosound was founded in 2011 with a donation of 30 million Yuan from Aco sound technology and the Biomedical Engineer Peng Li PhD who lead a professional R&D team from Zhejiang University. They wished to implement a production base and research centre for hearing aids in China.
Aco Sound specializes in R&D and in particular the digital signal processors and algorithms for DSP in digital Hearing Aids.
The AcoMate series hearing aid now has a formidable reputation with a strong sales performance. It has catapulted the company to success. Now, they find themselves operating in over 40 countries, offering multiple products that resolve all manner of hearing issues.
No. 6: New Sound
New Sound was founded in 2004 and produces a full range of hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers.
In October of 2019 at the 64th Annual EUHA 2019 International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians Conference in Nuremberg, Germany, Newsound announced their plans to produce wireless charging hearing aids. Their next-generation design will retain many of their popular features while removing the need to change batteries.
New Sound has a presence in more than 50 countries such as the USA, Brazil, France, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait and Malaysia. NewSound is carving out a reputation in the sector for its innovative and unique solutions.
There are so many foreigners keep their hesitation to buy hearing aids products from Chinese companies because of their lack of understanding to the hearing industry’s development and production capacity’s upgrade and innovation. In fact, very nice products are ignored because a potential customer has no idea how to contact with the hearing aids manufacturers from China.
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