2019 invisible hearing aid introduction

1.What is an invisible hearing aid?

In fact, the so-called invisible hearing aid is a hearing aid installed deep in the ear. The size of such hearing aids is much smaller than that of common hearing aids. A 90-degree view of the wearer's side can achieve 100% invisibility, which means that even if you are sitting in front of you, you will not find that you are wearing a hearing aid. The function is the same as a general digital hearing aid.

The first manufacturer of invisible hearing aids is Starkey, but now every manufacturer can make the same excellent hearing aids, such as (China's earsmate hearing aid manufacturer)

2. Invisible hearing aid function


Comparison of invisible hearing aids and CIC wear

Due to its shape and wearing position, invisible hearing aids have more advantages in acoustic characteristics than in other types of hearing aids.

1. Helmholtz resonance effect

Marshall believes that because the auricle has the function of reflecting and refracting sound waves, when the sound enters the ear canal, the sound pressure increases between 4000 and 5000 Hz, and there is a resonance of 6 to 8 dB, that is, the sound is in the range of 4000 to 5000 Hz. There is an amplification before entering the microphone. The invisible hearing aid is located deep in the ear canal and does not affect the resonance function of the ear cavity. Since the resonance frequency of the ear cavity is 4000~5000Hz, the maximum peak of the microphone gain of the invisible hearing aid is above 5000hz, and the compensation effect on the high frequency is better, so the high frequency hearing aid effect can be enhanced.

Invisible hearing aid wearing effect chart

2, mirror effect

The mirror effect is the auricle effect. The high-frequency sound has a shorter wavelength, and the auricle can increase the gain of the high-frequency part of the sound, while the low-frequency sound has a longer wavelength, and the auricle as a reflecting surface (mirror surface) attenuates the low-frequency sound. For a sound greater than 2000 Hz, the auricle increases in gain as the frequency increases. However, the auricle effect is related to its measurement point. If measured at the microphone of the in-ear hearing aid, this effect is small; if measured at the microphone position of the invisible hearing aid, this effect is obvious. In addition to the effects of the auricle and the ear canal on the frequency, the high-frequency information of the invisible hearing aid is also affected by the Helmholtz resonance effect associated with the auricle. Ear canal hearing aids are also slightly affected. Unlike the Helmholtz resonance effect, the specular effect is first related to the microphone position of the hearing aid, and this phenomenon is very stable. The size of the auricle plays only a minor role.

3, balloon effect

The balloon effect, Boyle’s law, shows the relationship between pressure and volume: a decrease in volume leads to an increase in pressure. The invisible hearing aid is located deep in the ear canal, resulting in a reduction in the volume of the external auditory canal. According to the inverse relationship between the volume and the pressure, the volume reduction pressure increases. According to Marshall, the low-frequency output of the invisible hearing aid at the tympanic membrane is 5 dB higher and the high-frequency output is 10 to 17 dB higher than that of the same-powered ear canal hearing aid.

4, reduce the ear plug effect

The invisible hearing aid is located deep in the ear canal, mainly the external auditory canal. When the patient makes a sound, the sound waves generated by the resonance of the cartilage of the external auditory canal wall are leaked, and the vibration of the bone is less generated by the vibration of the bone, so that the ear plugging effect can be reduced.

Due to the appearance characteristics and acoustic characteristics of the invisible hearing aid, it is also necessary to pay attention to the fitter's fitting of the invisible hearing aid. Since the mouthpiece of the invisible hearing aid is closer to the tympanic membrane than the CIC, the CIC can be selected when selecting the fitting parameters. Based on the reduction of the gain by 3db.


Invisible hearing aids have a lower range of adaptation than CIC and are expensive.

In addition, because the invisible hearing aid has a very high volume requirement and is difficult to manufacture, it is also the type of hearing aid with the highest shell rework rate.

3.Applicable crowd of invisible hearing aids

Adolescents who have developed into a child's ear canal;

For young people with high aesthetic and sound quality requirements;

For young or middle-aged business people;

The size of the ear canal is suitable for invisible hearing aids;

Patients with hearing impairment without middle ear disease.

4.The latest invisible hearing aid G-16D introduction

The latest invisible hearing aid, the G-16D, is a miniature mini size with a pull cable pulled from the ear canal. With a small fingertip size, the hearing aid can be well hidden in the right and left ears without worrying that others will notice you wearing it.

With 2-channel digital signal processing and noise and feedback reduction techniques, it is the best choice for anyone to improve mild to moderate hearing loss.

It only pays for two sets of invisible hearing aids, which can be obtained from Chinese hearing aid manufacturers for less than $100, and enjoy free home delivery and free shipping.

The main features of the all-digital 2-channel WDRC multi-memory hearing aid:

1. Full digital chip hearing amplifier hidden in the ear

2. Digital noise reduction technology

3. Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss in adults

4. Sound output: 115±5dB

5. Peak gain: ≤45dB6

. Total harmonic distortion: ≤1%

7. Frequency range: 300-5000Hz

8. Equalizer input noise: ≤14dB9.

Hidden in the ear canal, tiny fingertips

10. Ultra low battery power 0.8 mA,

11. Long battery life up to 150 hours A10

More details about the invisible hearing aid G-16D


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