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With the advancement of technology, people's living standards are getting higher and higher. Hearing aids are also constantly changing. From the earliest "horn" form of hearing aids to the current digital hearing aids. Hearing aids improve the living standards of hearing-impaired patients. Do not let hearing loss disease become a factor that interferes with their normal life.
Introduction to digital hearing aids
Briefly introduce what is a digital hearing aid.(You can also take a look at this: A digital hearing aid is a hearing aid that collects sound signals from the surrounding environment. It can intelligently adjust the characteristics of noise, sound direction, compression noise frequency and so on, and constantly adapt to various complex environments.

The digital hearing aid can also automatically select different algorithms to calculate different compensation curves according to the wearer's hearing loss. To meet the customer's greatest hearing needs. Different listening programs can be set according to the different usage environments of the users, and the switches can be automatically switched. For example, quiet, quiet speech, mixed speech noise, pure noise, etc. up to 9 kinds
The difference between traditional analog hearing aids
(1) From the movement, the analog hearing aid is composed of a large number of electronic components, Cao Yong analog line. The core is an analog amplifier and the signal processing is analog. The movement of the all-digital hearing aid is a small computer chip, which is equivalent to a small computer. It uses a logic circuit, that is, it performs some calculation on the input signal and outputs it. The signal processing is digital.

(2) In terms of audiology, most of the traditional hearing aids are linearly amplified, that is, the sounds of light, medium and heavy sounds are equally amplified, resulting in audible audible, loud and uncomfortable hearing, severe damage to the ears, and increased hearing. loss. Digital hearing aids are non-linearly amplified, which sounds clear and comfortable, and helps protect hearing.

(3) Functionally speaking, all-digital hearing aids also have the advantages that many analog hearing aids do not have. All-digital hearing aids are extremely fast, like a detector, that automatically changes with the environment. It automatically analyzes the environment. If it is in a noisy environment, it will use the automatic noise reduction function to amplify the speech and reduce the noise, thus improving the understanding of the language and sounding comfortable.

(4) All-digital hearing aids also have the advantages of small size, long battery life, high stability, and strong anti-interference ability. In short, the all-digital hearing aids have high language clarity, high sound quality and comfortable listening. More and more people are choosing all-digital hearing aids, which is very effective.
When do Ineed to wear a digital hearing aid?
The degree of hearing loss is divided into the following categories: (DB)
Normal hearing: -10 to 25 decibels, clear analysis of general sound and language.

Mild hearing loss: 26 to 40 decibels, difficult to distinguish small sounds, such as the wind blowing in the woods.

Moderate hearing loss: 41 to 55 decibels There are hearing difficulties in everyday language, and it is confusing to talk to people. It is necessary to use the help of hearing aids.

Moderate to severe hearing loss: 56 to 70 decibels, for larger conversations? The car sound is still faint, and the hearing aids are more helpful.

Severe hearing loss: 70-90 decibels or more, for shouts and loud sounds, such as car horns. The drum sound responded and the hearing aid helped.

Extremely severe hearing loss: greater than 90 decibels, it is often difficult to feel the presence of sound, and the aid of the hearing aid is required to feel the vibrational force of the sound.

40 inches for adult hearing should be equipped with hearing aids, and children with hearing aids of 30 decibels or more; suitable hearing aids can not only make you listen better, but also stimulate the auditory nerve and prevent hearing loss.
How to choose a hearing aid
There are many types of hearing aids. There are Behind-the-Ear, Open Fit, In-the-Ear, In-the-Canal and the like.

First of all, it is especially important that you understand your hearing and the circumstances you wear. Is a key step in the allocation of a suitable hearing aid.

Hearing conditions: Hearing conditions are also deafness, which varies from person to person. If the deafness is not particularly severe, then the choice of the hearing aid is very wide;

On the contrary, if the deafness is very serious, the power of the hearing aid required will be large, and the optional hearing aid surface will be narrowed;

If the deafness is particularly serious, then only wearable hearing aids can be worn, such as Behind-the-Ea.

Wearing occasions: The requirements for hearing aids vary depending on the wearing situation. For example, if the elderly are only wearing at home and not too noisy, then the general hearing aid can meet the requirements.

But people like young people often go to a variety of complex environments, so the requirements for hearing aids will be high. For example, noisy environments require hearing aids to have higher requirements for sound processing and noise reduction. It is recommended to wear a hearing aid with a slightly higher performance.

After wearing for a period of time, if it is not suitable, it is better to correct the debugging.
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