Chinese hearing aid manufacturers will bring good news to patients with hearing loss

The price of hearing aids has been monopolized by the six major manufacturers. The high price makes many homes unable to wear hearing aids.

Not long ago, China's "HA320 Digital Hearing Aid Chip and Algorithm" was completed and passed the identification of experts. This means that China will break the monopoly of the six major hearing aid manufacturers. Developed a hearing aid chip belonging to China itself.
Hearing aid market status
The global hearing aid market is controlled by six well-known manufacturers. Occupy 90% of the global market share. Small and medium-sized hearing aid companies were completely acquired by the six companies. Market prices are monopolized.

In many national hearing aids are not covered by insurance and cannot be reimbursed. High prices only allow users to pay in full. The average price of a digital hearing aid is around $2,000.

This expensive cost is a major factor affecting people wearing hearing aids. The annual hearing loss patients are still growing in millions.

Hearing aids are medical devices in developed countries and are strictly regulated. Not easy to get on the market. Go to the relevant agency to buy and wear.
The reason why hearing aids are so expensive
In fact, the cost of hearing aids is as high as 100 to 200 (US dollars), and some can be manufactured at a lower cost of only a few tens of dollars.

The reason why hearing aids are expensive is due to the monopoly of the six major manufacturers. They are the "referees" who set prices, and everything is based on the standards they set. There is no competition and no threat. This phenomenon will continue forever.
The emergence of Chinese hearing aid chips
After the beginning of the trade war, China has vigorously developed chip technology. Not long ago, China developed a chip that belongs to itself as a property right. This means that China has broken the technological monopoly of hearing aid chips abroad.

From now on China will create Chinese-language hearing aids. This also means that Chinese hearing aids can meet the requirements of hearing loss patients around the world. In the case of quality assurance, the price is lower.
There are still tens of millions of people around the world who cannot wear hearing aids because of the high price, and some even use analog hearing aids to replace the functions of hearing aids. In such a big environment, China's hearing aids will grow stronger. Will fill these market gaps.

China's labor costs are lower, and manufacturing a hearing aid is cheaper than the six hearing aid manufacturers. After that, everyone can have more choices. You don't have to give up buying hearing aids because of the price. Chinese hearing aid manufacturers will bring their excellent products to benefit patients with hearing loss.
China's excellent hearing aid manufacturer
Regarding hearing aid manufacturers, everyone may only know about the six major manufacturers. Manufacturers in China may not know much about it. Below I mainly introduce you to an excellent Chinese hearing aid manufacturer. If you have any needs, you can cooperate with them.

Founded in 2016, Great Ears is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China. It is a fast-growing manufacturer of advanced Ears Mate brand digital hearing aids, OTC hearing aids, Bluetooth hearing aids, hearing amplifiers and personal sound amplifiers (PSAP) hearing devices. As a manufacturer of professional hearing aid products, the highly integrated capabilities are designed to provide customers with fast response, high capacity, high quality and OEM / ODM services, low cost hearing solutions including PCB design, housing molding and software customization.

Great Ears also invests in and develops and supplies a variety of hearing aids and hearing aids such as Digital, BTE, ITE, ITC, RIC, CIC, Open, Bluetooth Hearing Aid, Rechargeable Hearing Aid and Wireless Hearing Aid. Most of their hearing products have been certified to a range of quality certifications (CE / ROHS / FCC / ISO / FDA, etc.) to match the US, European regions and all overseas markets. Now we have several branches in China, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
Now it is gradually entering the global market and is a reliable hearing aid manufacturer.

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