Chinese hearing aid vs other national hearing aids

In recent years, the market for digital hearing aids has continued to expand. The sales of digital hearing aids are at a record high every year. According to statistics, it is growing at a rate of 15% every year. It is expected to reach a market of 10 billion US dollars by 2020.
Although the Sino-US trade war has a huge impact on China's foreign trade exports, it has little impact on the foreign trade exports of hearing aids. According to statistics, the export volume of digital hearing aids in China has increased by 5% compared with last year.
The reason why China's hearing aids have achieved so much growth is due to the increase in production costs in developed countries. The quality of Chinese digital hearing aids is getting better and better. Recognized by foreign users.

China vs other countries Digital hearing aid prices

In China, due to the huge population base. The cost of workers is low. The average cost per worker is $2 per hour, and in developed regions such as the United States, the average is $40 per hour. The difference between the two is large. As far as production costs are concerned, the price of Chinese digital hearing aids is much smaller than that of other countries. This advantage brings huge advantages to digital hearing aids in China.
Digital hearing aids in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, and other developed countries are generally at $2,000. The hearing aid price in China is $300. Low prices are the main reason why other countries have placed orders with China.

Chinese digital hearing aid performance vs other countries

Starkey in the United States, Signia in Germany, Oticon in Denmark, Widex, etc. have the best performance of their hearing aids. The digital hearing aid stations they produce lead the global high-end market.
China Digital Devices mainly introduces foreign advanced chips and designs an excellent digital hearing aid through a professional research team. Such digital hearing aids can meet the basic requirements of users.
Because the digital hearing aid adopts all-digital signal processing in time, it has a very high signal processing speed and can memorize multiple sets of electro-acoustic parameters to adapt to changes in the acoustic environment. It produces smooth frequency effects, eliminates acoustic feedback, achieves the lowest distortion compression, and improves the signal-to-noise ratio. These features can be produced by Chinese hearing aid manufacturers.
Although China's digital hearing aids are not the best in the world, they meet 80% of the user's needs. It is worth buying.

China's digital hearing aid future

Old-fashioned hearing aid manufacturing countries, the United States, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, etc., they previously occupied 80% of the entire hearing aid market.
With the continuous efforts of Chinese hearing aid manufacturers, the market for digital hearing aids in China is growing. Gradually make up for the gap in the low-end market of hearing aids.
In 2019, China's self-developed hearing aid chips came out. This also indicates that China will break the monopoly of foreign hearing aid technology.

Find important tips for a suitable digital hearing aid supplier

Once you decide to wholesale digital hearing aids, you can consider choosing a good supplier in China. Founded in 2016, Great Ears is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China. It is an ideal choice for wholesale business, and the production of hearing aids is already selling well all over the world.
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When purchasing a hearing aid, consider a Chinese digital hearing aid. China's digital hearing aids are cheaper and of better quality and meet the user's requirements for hearing.
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