Current Situation And Future Development Trend Of Hearing Aid Market

According to incomplete statistics, there are now 466 million people with hearing impairment worldwide. Among them, nearly 34 million children, is expected to reach 900 million people by 2050, according to survey statistics, the largest number of people wearing hearing aids are children. That's 70 percent because parents actively cooperate with their doctors when they find that their children are hearing impaired. Do not want to delay the physical and mental development of children. Children also wear relatively high-end hearing aids;

Most of the middle-aged and young people wear hearing aids because their hearing conditions have seriously affected their life or work, and they have no choice but to wear them. However, young and middle-aged people with hearing loss below moderate levels have little awareness of prevention.

The largest number of elderly people, on the other hand, the number of people wearing the least number of people. This group of people have no awareness of prevention and lack of awareness of hearing aids.


I. No Awareness Of Prevention

The traditional view is that it is normal for people to have poor hearing when they are old, and hearing aids will become more and more deaf. they will also be laughed at, and not wearing hearing aids will not affect their lives and so on. Changing traditional ideas is a long process. It takes a lot of scientific popularization and progress in the whole industry to make the elderly realize that hearing health is also a part of general health.

Hearing health may not be fatal, but it is about the quality of life. For the children of the elderly, they are also deeply influenced by the traditional idea that their parents' hearing health does not matter. They would rather buy tens of thousands of yuan of health care products rather than give their parents a hearing aid. A hearing aid match teacher once said that In the process of communicating with the families of hearing impaired people, various traditional ideas are the most important problems they have to face.

2.The level of hearing aid selection is low, wearing effect is not ideal

Many online and offline hearing aids purchase platform is not professional, there is no reasonable match. As a result, people with hearing impairment were unable to choose the right subject. The effect of hearing aid is affected. There is also the hearing aid itself is not qualified, such as the industry often talked about noise reduction algorithm, feedback suppression, directional technology and so on. The substandard of these technologies causes hearing aids to fail to achieve the desired results

3. Impact of price factors

An imported hearing aid costs at least tens of thousands of dollars. However, on a certain online shopping platform, hearing aids of less than 100 yuan can sell hundreds of units on a promotional day, even more than the annual volume of hearing aids delivered by professional hearing centers. Low prices have led people to buy unguaranteed hearing aids, with the consequence that people will not be able to use them. Think hearing aids are useless.

Development trend of hearing aids

With the improvement of the manufacturing level of the hearing aid industry, the expansion of the sales market and the steady growth of demand, the hearing aid industry has made some progress in recent years. The demand is growing.

   Number of hearing aids sold by the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers from 2014 to 2017




With great publicity, more and more people attach importance to hearing problems. Chinese manufacturers and multinationals have not only brought money, but also imported hearing aid production technology. The hearing aids produced at these bases, though wearing the hat of "domestic goods", are low in cost and high in technology. Fill the market share of imported products. Has been more and more recognized by consumers. Like the Great Ears brand. Using advanced technology combined with China's excellent manufacturing industry. The production of products has been recognized by the European and American countries. Is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of hearing aids.

In the future, the development trend of hearing aid organizations must be to establish a sound training system. Especially in the product, all the performance and characteristics of hearing aids are compared comprehensively, the advantages of all kinds of hearing aids are understood clearly, and the key points and difficulties of customer hearing solutions are clarified.

There is also, hearing aid selection, debugging is a gradual improvement process, the need to match, test, contrast, is a hearing intervention under the re-diagnosis, readjustment process. Choosing hearing aids is important, debugging hearing aids is more important, and as hearing changes, this adjustment is constantly improving. Hearing aid must "track service", hearing aid daily maintenance, repair can be carried out in any qualified organization, but debugging is to track. This standard will be more stringent.

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