How The Hair Dryer Work For Ear Healthcare and Hearing Aid

How The Hair Dryer Work For Ear Healthcare and Hearing Aid
As a common small household appliance, the hair dryer has become a daily essentials in every family. Except for drying hair, people in life continue to find many new applications. But as a professional hearing aids manufacturer, the Earsmate has assigned the hair dryer some new job—the friend of ear care and nursing or hearing aid dryer.
Regardless of whether there is an ear disease, the ear canal needs to be ventilated and dry. The famous French otology expert Portmann put forward the Va/S theory in the 1990s: Va represents the air flow rate on the skin surface, and S represents the skin area exposed to the air flow. Under normal circumstances, the ventilation available at the inner end of the external auditory meatus can just be maintained. In the normal physiological state of the epithelium, when the Va/S value drops, various inflammations may occur in the normal skin epithelium, and even become cholesteatoma matrix. Because of this, the ability to maintain the ventilation of the ear canal plays an important role in maintaining ear health and preventing diseases.
Based on this theory, a dry ear device has been developed and launched, which uses a small fan to blow constant temperature wind from a small tube into the ear canal to achieve the purpose of dry ears. The device has advantages obvious, but the higher price limits the promotion. Therefore, the daily home appliance hair dryer is on the stage with honor. The advantages of hair dryers are very clear: one machine is multi-purpose, low cost, and it has been popularized in every family or hotel mostly. Of course, the shortcomings are also very clear: the air volume is not easy to control, the temperature is not easy to control, and there is a certain amount of noise.
Therefore, how to maximize the strengths and avoid weaknesses and use the hair dryer correctly? What situation is suitable to use a hair dryer for ear healthcare or for hearing aids products? How to use it?
Firstly, after washing hair, bathing, swimming, etc., the ear canal gets water. The traditional method is to recommend the use of cotton swabs, which in one thing is easy to damage the ear canal and tympanic membrane, and the other is that it is easy to push the cerumen deep into the ear canal and block the ear canal. At this time, the advantages of the hair dryer are obvious. The air outlet of the hair dryer can be about 20-30 cm away from the ear canal, and the warm wind can be blown to the ear canal. The ear canal can be dried in about 3-5 minutes. Is it very convenient, right?
Secondly, people who often wear headphones or hearing aids. Because both earphones and hearing aids will block the ear canal for a long time, resulting in insufficient ventilation of the ear canal. After a long time, complications such as external ear or middle ear inflammation are prone to occur. Therefore, after removing the earphones or hearing aids, it is best to use a hair dryer to improve the ventilation of the external auditory canal. Meanwhile, you can dry the hearing aids devices by the hair dryer if the hearing aids and parts are moist or sweat stains.
Thirdly, patients with inflammation of the outer or middle ear. When there is external ear or otitis media, there will often be a lot of secretions in the ear canal. In this case, beside to use the ear drops and other medications according to the doctor’s request, the ear canal ventilation can be enhanced through a hair dryer, which not only improves ventilation, but also the warm wind also has a certain physiotherapy effect, which can effectively promote recovery.
Fourthly, after external ear and ear surgery. A tampon is usually present after ear surgery, and the doctor will remove it after a certain period of time. After that, you can use the hair dryer according to the doctor’s advice. The air outlet of the hair dryer is about 20-30 cm away from the ear canal, and the warm wind is blown to the ear canal. At this time, it will take longer, about 10 each time. -15 minutes, 1-2 times a day, will effectively increase the speed of ear recovery.
Of course, when you are using a hair dryer, because that the ears have semicircular canals that are responsible for balance, excessive temperature changes can cause dizziness, nausea or vomiting, so some precautions are needed: first, the wind temperature should not be too high, the general feeling is slightly higher than the body temperature. Secondly, the air volume should not be too large, and the ear canal has wind blowing in. The other and important thing is that stop using it in time when dizziness or nausea occurs to avoid causing obvious discomfort. The last tip is that if you need to blow for a long time, you can fix the hair dryer with various brackets, which can make the ventilation treatment more relaxed and comfortable.
In short, as a daily small appliance, the hair dryer is constantly developing new applications, providing a small assistant for ear health and rehabilitation, and the earsmate hope to provide you with a little help.
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