How Hearing Aid Manufacturers Deal With Complex Hearing Impaired People

According to the World Health Organization, there are 460 million disabled hearing loss worldwide. Hearing problems cost $750 billion a year. The best current treatment is to wear hearing aids to reduce the impact of hearing impairment. Hearing aid manufacturers produce different types of hearing aids to deal with the problems of people with hearing loss.

The present situation of the people with hearing impairment

According to the World Health Organization, there are 460 million people with disability hearing loss worldwide, of whom 34 million are children. It is estimated that by 2050, more than 900 million people will have lost their hearing

The largest number of hearing loss countries in the world come from China. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 30 million people with hearing impairment in 2018 all over China. It also adds up to 1.5 million people a year. It is urgent to prevent deafness and cure deafness.

Currently, the best way to alleviate this phenomenon is to strengthen the hearing rehabilitation medical system and wear hearing aids. There are nearly 30 million hearing impaired patients in China, and according to the 5% usage rate, 1.5 million people in China now use hearing aids. According to the survey, the hearing aid wear rate is 1% in China, and even lower in some areas and people.

More than 1 million children in China have hearing problems, and each year the number of children with hearing problems increases by 50,000 people. Hearing problems in China's middle-aged and elderly people account for more than 10 million.


Factors causing hearing impairment

1. Genetic reasons, congenital genetic problems lead to children born with congenital hearing problems.

2. Deafness caused by drugs and chemicals: deafness caused by aminoglycoside antibiotics is one of the main causes of hearing loss in children with hearing impairment in China. Chemical agents: some industrial preparations such as lead, mercury and other damage to hearing organs, carbon monoxide poisoning led to hemoglobin oxygen carrying disorder, nerve hypoxia will affect the auditory system, especially for children.

3. Noise causes Chinese workers to work in noisy environments for a long time and teenagers use headphones unreasonably. Cause bilateral or unilateral high frequency hearing loss.

4. Trauma, many people have hearing disabilities as a result of traumatic accidents.

5. The decline in spontaneous combustion, China's aging is serious, there are many older people in the grade, with the increase in the performance of hearing organs decline.


How to rehabilitate

(1) Drug therapy: within half a year after the occurrence of deafness, drug therapy was taken to improve the inner ear microcirculation and hair cell nutrition. If it is invalid, it should be waived. Cannot blindly superstition medicine, because sensorineural deafness inner ear hair cell necrosis, shedding, cannot regenerate, because the medicine cannot be treated, has the time limit, such as sudden deafness 1-3 weeks still may the medicine treatment, more than 3 weeks the curative effect is not good.

(2) surgery is the main treatment of conductive deafness. Deformity of external and middle ear, various diseases of eustachian tube and ear trauma can make hearing recover by different surgical methods. Children with external middle ear malformation may also consider bone conduction hearing aids or vibration bridges and bone anchor hearing aids.

(3) hearing aid rehabilitation treatment, hearing aid hearing loss degree ≤ 80dB children should select hearing aids, and the hearing speech rehabilitation training.

(4) cochlear implant, cochlear implant is a good tool to help severe and extremely severe deaf people to acquire hearing, acquire or maintain speech function. Children with hearing loss > 80dB suggested cochlear implantation and auditory speech rehabilitation training.

However, getting parents and children to go to the hospital as soon as possible, receive professional advice and be willing to wear hearing aids or perform cochlear surgery is another challenge.


Type of hearing aid

The birth of an invisible hearing aid. Do not want to admit their physical disability, let others joke. Wearing a hearing aid makes it easy to understand your hearing impairment. In order to solve this problem, the hearing aid has undergone significant improvements and changes.

Stealth hearing aid is one of the newest and smallest hearing aids developed in recent years. It is the size of an adult thumb. In the wearer side 90 degree observation can reach 100% invisible, in the acoustics also has its series of advantages, is the hearing aid category in the high-end product. Very suitable for children and adults. It solves the problem that people don't want people to find out about their hearing impairment.

Personal sound amplification hearing aids, there are a large number of elderly people due to their own hearing organ dysfunction caused by hearing problems. The purpose of a personal sound aid is to expand the environmental sound effect, and the user does not intend to compensate for impaired hearing and therefore does not require professional debugging. Personal hearing aids include watching TV, listening to lectures, and talking to family and friends. Suitable for the elderly.

Also, rechargeable hearing aids, Bluetooth hearing aids, digital hearing aids. It is also very suitable for solving the problems in the market of hearing impairment.

There will also be a need to promote the use of hearing aids in large numbers to solve the problem of hearing impairment. It also needs Chinese manufacturing and foreign research teams to work together to create the most cost-effective hearing aid. Solving hearing problems in 460 million patients worldwide

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