How long is the hearing aid suitable for each day?

For hearing-impaired friends who have just chosen a hearing aid, the number of hearing aids they wear each day is one of their biggest concerns. Especially for the youth groups who usually love social activities, it takes time to adapt to wear.

Just like learning a new skill. You need to keep learning. Wearing a hearing aid also requires a bit of adaptation. It is impossible to complete without investing time and effort. So how much time is it best to wear? Need to wear it all day?

1. Does the hearing aid need to be worn all the time?

This problem depends largely on your usual listening environment. If you spend more than a few hours in a noisy environment every day, wearing too long will only make you feel resentful about the hearing aid. If you don't feel uneasy or uncomfortable after taking off your hearing aid for a while, you can let your ears relax for a while. At the beginning of wearing, it is difficult for users to listen to social situations such as parties and meals. Because hearing aids and glasses are different, they can be taken without effect. It takes a while to adapt and adjust. Stopping wearing for a while can affect the progress of the brain's adaptation. This is why it takes time to get used to it. In addition to the earsmate hearing aid, you can also experience the original sound processing technology, allowing you to listen to your voice more naturally.

2.The benefits of wearing for a long time

Wearing it often helps to adapt to the sound. This is because during the hearing loss process, the brain has adapted to the inaudible world, and when it is first worn, some sounds may sound very unharmonious. But after a period of adaptation, the brain can recall the crisp sounds of the birds, the footsteps of the family, the sound of raining on the doors and windows, and the sounds of their own voices. In addition, the brain usually operates under the mechanism of “use and retreat”. If the hearing aid is not used for a long time, the ability to process sound will decrease. At this point, the auditory system in the brain needs more sound to adapt, otherwise the hearing will continue to decline. Older people can also benefit from wearing hearing aids. Many elderly people have degraded their hearing while the corresponding areas of the brain have also deteriorated. Wearing a hearing aid can help stimulate the brain and help them interact with people.

3.Used to wear

The reason is simple, but the actual operation is another matter. Many hearing loss friends will have a strong sense of frustration when they learn to wear and adapt to hearing aids for a long time. This is because some sounds that are not heard for a long time are difficult to accept when they are heard again. Some people may even feel a headache or physical and mental exhaustion. Therefore, you need to understand your hearing situation, adjust your own pace of adaptation, set reasonable goals, and stick to it. You can also set up a simple listening task for yourself: “I mainly listen to bird songs today” or “I want to bring a hearing aid to read newspapers today”. It is guaranteed to leave the hearing aids for some time each day, and the future listening tasks will become more and more simple.

4.Pay attention to three points when wearing a hearing aid

How long has it been worn? Is it considered to increase the wearing time per day after adaptation? Even if you wear it for half an hour every day, it's good, so don't worry too much. Record the frequency of daily wear and the length of wear. If you are wearing a rechargeable hearing aid, you can take it off for a while and charge the machine by the way. What did you hear? Focus on the sound itself. For example: Can I hear the sound of nature? TV or radio? People's voices? Try to choose a quiet place when you first wear it, and then gradually listen to it on the road or in the conversation environment. How does your own voice sound? Try to talk to yourself. At first you may not be accustomed to listening to your own voice, but as the communication environment increases, your voice will become more and more familiar.

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