How to care for your hearing aid in winter

Winter is coming, and the cold weather has troubled many people. Especially for those wearing hearing aids. In winter weather, there is moisture in the air, which will affect the normal use of hearing aids. You need to do something to maintain your hearing aid so that it works properly. So what are we going to do? This article will give you the answer.


How Hearing Aids Are Affected in Winter

Sound impaired

Hearing aid sound is impaired in winter, most likely due to condensation. In addition to the moisture in the air, the biggest enemy of hearing aids in winter is condensation.
In winter, the outside temperature is relatively low, while the temperature and humidity in the ear canal are relatively high. At this time, a temperature difference is formed, and the hot air will enter the receiver through the earplug hole and condense inside, forming condensed water.
The condensed water will block the sound hole and corrode the receiver, and even enter the inside of the hearing aid and cause the hearing aid chip to be damp, which affects the use of the hearing aid, affects the sound transmission, and causes the user to feel the sound becomes smaller or even no sound.

Battery is damaged

In winter, the ambient temperature is low, and the performance of the hearing aid battery is greatly affected by the low temperature. It is normal that the battery life will be shortened, and it is not necessarily a problem with the hearing aid.
At the same time, because of the characteristics of the hearing aid battery, the battery oxidation time will be slow in winter. Therefore, when replacing a new battery, it is recommended that you peel the film on the battery and leave it in the air for 2-3 minutes, or rub the positive electrode of the battery with your hand. Put the heat into the hearing aid again. This will ensure the stability of the hearing aid performance and help the battery work better.


How To Protect Hearing Aids

In cold weather, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the ear canal (especially in the cold outdoors). When the warm and humid heat in the ear canal enters the cold receiver, it will easily produce condensation and collect in the receiver. When the condensate accumulates to a certain amount, the receiver will be damaged, and the sound of the damaged machine will change abnormally (such as silent, low sound, muffled sound, noise, distortion, and sometimes no phenomenon).
When wearing hearing aids in winter, pay attention to the following points:
Due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the sound tube of the behind-the-ear hearing aid is prone to accumulate water droplets, causing the hearing aid to have no sound.
●In order to keep warm in winter, you should wear a hat, scarf, etc. when going out. It is easy to scrape the hearing aid off when you wear it.
Whenever you wear a hearing aid, keep it dry.
When the hearing aid is not used every night, put the hearing aid in an ordinary drying box for drying.
In the winter, use the electronic care treasure once a week, the use time is about 2-4 hours, it will drive away the water vapor in the hearing aid. Electronic care treasure is also a standing weapon for hearing aid hibernation.
Pay special attention to the water vapor of the hearing aid sound pipe caused by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. If there is water vapor in the hearing aid, the sound of the hearing aid will become small or silent. Remember to put in a hearing aid drying box every night before going to bed for regular moisture absorption and other maintenance .



Be sure to learn to protect your hearing aid in the cold winter as it is your second ear.
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