How to work with hearing aid companies to increase sales

More and more people today suffer from hearing loss. Hearing aid companies create and produce many different hearing aids to compensate for hearing loss. More and more people wear hearing aids, This is a huge business opportunity. Many hearing aid institutions are starting to open.

How to work with hearing aid companies? For some novices, this will be a difficult task. Here are a few suggestions that can save you a lot of time and energy, and can also bring huge business to your store.

Find the right Chinese hearing aid company

This is very important, you need to know what kind of hearing aid products you sell to customers. There are six well-known hearing aid manufacturers in the world who have more than 98% of the global market share. But the hearing aids of these manufacturers are very tricky, and their hearing aids are very expensive. You may not be able to sell your hearing aids in your store. An ordinary hearing aid is priced at about $2,000. This may affect the sales of hearing aids.

You need to choose a hearing aid manufacturer that is relatively cheaper to purchase hearing aids. China is the most popular manufacturing country in the world. Here you can choose the right hearing aid company and manufacturer.

So the question is how to find these hearing aid companies from China? Then look down

Exhibition: This is a lot of exhibitions held in China every year. At the show you can find the corresponding hearing aid company. They will give you a detailed introduction to their company's information, strengths, and quotations.

Purchasing on the website: If you feel that it is not convenient to participate in the exhibition, you can find these hearing aid companies by searching for the corresponding keywords on Google. Such as "Chinese hearing aid manufacturers"

The corresponding content will be displayed on the Google interface, there is a b2b platform, which has a hearing aid company's website. For example, the website in the red box is a company specializing in hearing aids.

Determine your product type

This is to identify a good customer base. For example, in the area where the sale is used by the elderly or adolescents, or children. Because the hearing aids of different grades are different in shape. For example, if you purchase a hearing aid suitable for the elderly, most of your customers are purchased by young people. They feel that the elderly hearing aids are too ugly and they give up buying in your store. Then you lost these customers, so you have to understand that your customers are those people. It is reasonable to purchase the appropriate hearing equipment according to different age groups.

Customize your own brand hearing aids

Now, product homogeneity in all walks of life is very serious. The same is true for the hearing aid industry. How can we get a bigger premium space and more consumer touch points to stand out in the fierce market competition. Customize your own exclusive brand.

What can a brand bring to your product?

It will enable more and more consumers to understand and understand the company through the brand, which can enhance consumers' trust in their brand. Don't underestimate this trust, have the trust in the brand, even if it is a new product just listed, because of this trust, consumers will not hesitate to buy. In other words, with the trust in the brand and the recognition of the company, the company can make consumers pay attention to new products and purchase new products without much promotion of new products.

The former president of Coca-Cola said that even if Coca-Cola's factory was completely destroyed overnight, it could still recover with the value of the brand. The value of a successful brand is incalculable. So create an exclusive brand for your hearing aids.

Ensure the quality of your received products

No one wants to spend money to buy some defective products. Therefore, determine whether the product meets the quality requirements before the product is released.

Then you need to pay attention to the following points:

According to the specifications of the purchaser, in addition to the specifications, inspection items, certifications, etc., the necessary standards, material tolerances, color differences, transportation packaging, production packaging requirements. This is related to the professional level of the R&D designer, the suitability of the supplier equipment, the feasibility of the production, and the understanding of the manufacturing process of the manufacturing enterprise. For example, anodizing, different batches, there may be chromatic aberration. At this time, it is necessary to make a range of color difference acceptance, and timely adjust the standard requirements of both parties, so that manufacturers can formulate new standards for receiving and inspection....

Whether there is perfect after-sales service

This determines the customer's reputation for hearing devices. If the hearing aid you sell does not have after-sales service, the latter's after-sales service is poor. Then the first person who buys your hearing aid product will never buy it again. It will also make unsold people have a bad impression on you.

After-sales role:

First, improve customer satisfaction. After-sales service is done well, if the customer's requirements are met, the customer's satisfaction will naturally increase; on the contrary, the after-sales service work is not good or not done, the customer's satisfaction will be reduced, and even the extreme dissatisfaction will occur. .

Second, increase the repeat purchase rate. The customer recognizes the product effect and can get satisfactory after-sales service. If it is used, it will be purchased again.

Third, transfer to the customer. For the recognition of the product, when the friends around the customer have this demand, they will introduce it to the friend. This is an invisible transfer to introduce the customer.

Fourth, establish a corporate image through services. In the increasingly homogenized market, after-sales service as a part of marketing has become an important territory for manufacturers and businesses to compete for consumers' minds. Good after-sales service is the best promotion before the next sale, and it is to enhance consumers. The main way of satisfaction and loyalty is an important way to establish corporate reputation and spread corporate image.

Fifth, improve brand influence. After-sales service is to refresh brand awareness and improve brand image again and again in customer service, thus continuously increasing customer trust and brand dependence.

Do the above five points. I believe that your product can at least increase the profit by 10%. If you still have anything you want to know, you can comment below!

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