What is a personal sound amplifier

Personal hearing amplifier profile

A personal hearing amplifier is a device that can improve sound, also known as a "personal sound amplification device," or abbreviated as PSAP. Defined as a wearable electronic product by the US Food and Drug Administration. They are not hearing aids In most countries, hearing aids are classified as medical devices and are regulated by their respective regulations. Small audio amplifiers, such as PSAP or other common sound enhancement systems, cannot be sold as "hearing aids".

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Personal sound amplifier structure

Personal sound amplifiers are usually small, simple devices. They amplify the sound and pass the result to the user's ear. The main components are microphones, amplifiers, speakers, volume controls and power supplies.

The microphone captures the sound (pressure) wave and converts it into an electrical signal. An amplifier (electronic circuit) uses a power source (battery) to increase the amplitude of the electrical signal. The speaker converts the amplified electrical signal back into sound waves. The volume (gain) control is used to adjust the amount of amplification applied to the electrical signal to indirectly control the volume.

These devices come in size from a small box (with headphones) worn around the neck or suspended from the belt - a small package that fits inside the ear canal. These smaller devices look like hearing aids, but are simpler and cannot correct hearing loss.

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The difference between hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers

Personal hearing amplifiers and hearing aids can improve the sound of hearing loss patients. However, hearing aids are medical devices that can compensate for hearing loss. But personal sound amplifiers are more about accentuating the volume of sound in a particular environment. For example, hunting, bird watching. According to fda, personal amplifiers can't replace hearing aids, only for people with mild hearing loss.


The technical level is not too high. It belongs to general electronic equipment and does not need to be regulated. People can buy at any department store at will, and there is no need to diagnose hearing loss. Generally only suitable for assisting in listening to long distance conversations or performances and amplifying the sound of a TV in a quiet room. The price of psap is also relatively cheap, generally ranging from $50 to $300. The average family can buy it.


The technical requirements for hearing aids are very high, and the emergence of digital hearing aids provides a better choice for hearing loss. Compared with the previous personal sound amplifier, it has the advantages of noise reduction, feedback cancellation system, directional microphone and so on. Can compensate for hearing loss in hearing patients. It belongs to medical devices and needs to be regulated. The purchase process of a hearing aid is similar to the purchase of a pair of glasses. Need to go to a professional hearing agency test to diagnose hearing loss. Usually a hearing aid is priced at more than $2,000, which is very expensive. Many families are reluctant to wear hearing aids for price reasons, and some even choose psap instead of hearing aids.

How to choose psap

There are a lot of psaps on the market, and their prices vary greatly from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars. The function is also different. Here are some better psap for everyone.

This in ear Personal Sound Amplifier products G-12 is a rechargable personal Sound Amplifier product to enhance the Sound voice In Right Ear and Left Ear.Wearing this Sound Amplifier G-12 can rediscovere the pleasure of gathering with friends and family, feeling more confident at work, and enjoying movies, music and TV programs.

The new ear hearing amplifeir G-21 is a mini sized BTE hearing amplifier and a powerful hearing device with the N-H trimmer for different sound frequency and noise reduction feature.It is a perfect sound amplifier for all men and women who want precise sound amplification, it is the OTC device and easy-to-use for any users.

This G-15 low cost hearing amplifiers are meant for all men and women to enhance the hearing loss mild to moderate severe degree

  • Small Over-the-counter Hearing amplifier
  • Super Efficient Power Consumption
  • Fitting in both right and left Ear hearing loss
  • Easy one finger operation

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