Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive And How To Choose Affordable Hearing Aids

There is a growing number of hearing impaired people around the world. At present, wearing hearing aids is one of the best methods to treat hearing problems. But when it comes to hearing aids, people think it's so expensive. As soon as the ordinary people hear that this is so-and-so hearing aid, it will cost tens of thousands of yuan. I can't take a direct call.

Why is hearing aid so expensive?

The price of hearing aid varies greatly, the box hearing aid is generally in 400 RNB, and the analog ear back machine is generally in 1000RNB. Digital hearing aids. Better. Tens of thousands of RMB.
Now the emergence of digital hearing aids is gradually replacing analog hearing aids. Some people may ask what digital hearing aids are and what analog hearing aids are. You can see the difference between the digital hearing aid I wrote and the analog hearing aid. There's not much to say here,
At present, the price of digital hearing aids is generally higher than analog machines. The cheapest digital hearing aids also cost about $600.
These core technologies are in the hands of the top six hearing aid manufacturers. The price is almost entirely up to them, and in addition to the high cost of research and development, hearing aid digital chips are naturally expensive, monopolized by foreign countries.

Customized cost

Unlike consumer electronics such as mobile phones, watches, and computers, hearing aids are often customized to make sure they compensate for your specific hearing problems and meet your comfort preferences and lifestyle requirements. Hearing aids have become stronger and more durable over the years, so they can remain in optimal shape and performance over the next few years.
In an era of great industrialization, the price of any customized product is expensive.

The cost of research and development.

A large portion of the cost of hearing aids goes to R & D teams, who use state-of-the-art equipment and resources, not only acoustic, electrical, but also neural networks, ergonomic and artificial intelligence systems, and so on. This will make hearing aids smarter, safer and more fit to wear. About $500000000 (about 3.2 billion Chinese dollars) a year is spent on research and development among the world's top six hearing aid manufacturers, which has an impact on the price of products.
Hearing aids are medical devices.
The selection of hearing aids is a scientific test, not a random purchase of a personal sound amplifier.
Buying hearing aids requires a professional, scientific, tight process. There can be no negligence. Plus hearing aids require a professional tester to test, plus hundreds of thousands of equipment and machines. Prices naturally go up.
How can I select a hearing aid at the right price?
Unitron hearing aid, Widex hearing aid, Oticon hearing aid, Hansaton hearing aid, Starkey hearing aid, Phonak hearing aid, Resound hearing aid, Bernafon hearing aid, Signia hearing aid.
These are world-famous hearing aids, the quality of the brand is guaranteed, but the cost is very expensive. Not suitable for poor people.
At present, China and foreign enterprises cooperate in the production of hearing aids. With advanced foreign technical support, coupled with China's low-cost production costs. The quality of hearing aids produced is relatively reliable, belongs to the second-line brand. Although the quality of hearing aids is not as good as the top brands, but can meet the needs of most hearing patients, is now more choice.
For example, at present, earsmate., a hot hearing aid brand in China, is more popular. There are many factories in China and the products are sold abroad. Is a supplier of many hearing aid centers. So when you see earsmate at the counter, you can consider choosing it. Because it's the right brand hearing aid for you right now.
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