Why Ignoring Hearing Aid Factory Will Cost You Sales

Why ignore the hearing aid factory that will lead to your sales? I believe you read this title very curious. Next I will answer your questions.

Reasons for the high price of hearing aids

Hearing aids are an expensive electronic device. The hearing aids on the market are usually $1,500 to $3,000, or even more. This price is the income of an ordinary family for two months. And the price of hearing aids continues to increase every year, increasing prices by 1%. This is unacceptable to the leader.

1.Cost of the hearing agency

The hearing agency spends a lot of money every day, including housing rental fees, utilities, staff salaries, equipment purchase costs, employee training fees, and product promotion costs. The cost of wholesale from the manufacturer. These costs are included in the price of the hearing aid.

2.Service fee

In order to achieve optimal use of the hearing aid, the hearing aid is commissioned by experts and professionally trained personnel. It usually takes more than 5 hours to check, evaluate reports, program, and install. The service costs of these personnel are calculated to the price of the hearing aid. This makes the price of hearing aids more expensive. And these services are almost always bundled together.

3.Manufacturer's monopoly

The world's six largest hearing aid manufacturers control the 80% hearing aid market. These manufacturers spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year to research new hearing aids. These research costs should be included in the cost of the hearing aid. The increase in cost has also increased the price that consumers see last.

4.Lower market penetration

According to Dr. Bettie Borton, hearing aids still have a fairly low market penetration. There are nearly 400 million people with hearing loss worldwide. However, the wearing rate is less than 5%. In the United States, the use rate of hearing aids in developed countries has reached 5%. Hearing aids have not been as popular as mobile phones. If it is like a TV set at home, then the price will drop. Lower market penetration will only increase the price increase

Why are you looking for factory cooperation?

The above tells the reason why most of the hearing aids are expensive. What we can do for these reasons is to find a hearing aid factory to cooperate. Buy a large number of hearing aids from the factory.

1.Hearing aid wholesale price is lower

The cost of producing a large wholesale hearing aid in a factory is much cheaper than that of a wholesaler, saving a lot of purchases. Reduce the cost of purchases. Increase your own profits

2.Can be customized

The factory can be shut down for customized needs. This is very good. According to the customer's OEM instructions, they will prepare samples of the customer's package and user manual. After the customer's OEM sample is confirmed, the mass production will be on the working line. The advantage of this is that your product has its own brand. Thereby helping to promote the product.

3.More types of products

Factory-produced hearing aids are often diverse, with digital hearing aids, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids, BTE hearing aids, RIC hearing aids, Bluetooth hearing aids, OTC hearing aids and more. It also has different styles and colors. Can meet the requirements of various customers for hearing aids. Greatly increase customer selectivity and increase product sales.

The cost of wholesale hearing aids from hearing aid factories has been reduced, and the style has increased the selectivity. Customized brand trademarks are conducive to the promotion of hearing aid sales.

In China you can find such hearing aid factories, such as China's earsmate. Have the ability mentioned above. You can click

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