Why is there no Chinese hearing aid factory and the world will be chaotic?

When you see this title, you will be surprised that no Chinese hearing aid factory will be so serious. Is it the editor who is alarming? Then please follow me to see what I wrote.

Number Of Hearing Loss

to official reports from the World Health Organization, 466 million people are hearing loss patients. At present, the global population is about 7.4 billion, accounting for 6% of the total population. The annual loss due to hearing loss can reach $750 billion. At present, this phenomenon is constantly increasing. It is estimated that 2050 people with hearing impairment can reach 900 million people. This is a very bad phenomenon.

Physically impaired people will not only affect their life and work but also affect the lives of society, families, and people around them. Causes no small troubles and burdens.

Chinese Hearing Aid Factory

Most of the world's hearing aids are produced by six major hearing manufacturers.
GN ReSound,
William Demant Holding
They monopolize the market for global hearing aids. However, the use rate of hearing aids is not very high, and some people still do not wear hearing aids. Why is this? The reason is that most hearing aids are very expensive, with an average individual hearing aid around $1,500. It is too expensive for patients in the general family. And the hearing aid is a sophisticated electronic product, which is easy to cause damage if it is not properly protected. This has to be purchased again. It is a small expenditure.
With the development of Chinese hearing aids, more and more Chinese-made hearing aids have been recognized globally. You can see hearing aids from China in Amazon and Alibaba. They are so cheap and so practical. They are not as good as the hearing aids produced by the six manufacturers. But the hearing aids produced by the Chinese hearing aid factory can make you use hearing aids and live like normal people. Help society solves a big problem.
Some people think that Chinese hearing aids don't work, and things made in China are too garbage. Then you try not to use anything from China. Products made in China enable you to maintain your life and reduce your financial burden. You are able to do more things.

Hearing Aids Made In China

When we buy hearing aids, we usually go to the hearing agency to buy them. There are various brands of hearing aids for us to choose from. I don't know if the hearing aid you chose is made by a Chinese hearing aid factory. Many brands of hearing aids are produced and transported locally in China and then sold. This is also a model of cooperation. Both sides can win and win together. If there is no Chinese generated then the price of hearing aids is higher than it is now, it will also lead to more hearing loss patients cannot buy cheap hearing aids. Then you think about how many people's lives will be affected by a hearing-impaired person.

Future Development Trend

Now six major hearing aid manufacturers are beginning to hand over the task of production to China. Chinese hearing aid factory agent processing. For example, Siemens, Phonak began to turn to China. (1) China's production costs are still relatively cheap for locals, which can reduce production costs. (2) The Chinese hearing aid factory has an approved manufacturing technology, otherwise, it will not cooperate with the Chinese factory. It is possible that the hearing aid you purchased is still recreated in China. Then you might as well buy a hearing aid from a Chinese factory.
In the future, Sino-foreign joint venture hearing aid factories will become a new trend. People can buy cheap, practical hearing aids at such hearing aid factories. Make more people wear hearing aids.
At present, hearing aids produced in Chinese hearing aid factories already have the first-class technology of hearing aids. You can safely use Chinese-made hearing aids without worrying about their quality.
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