You need to know everything about digital hearing aids

More and more people suffer from hearing loss in busy modern life. Wearing a hearing aid is now a common way to treat and prevent hearing loss. Today, hearing aids are not just a medical device, but an electronic product that will experience a better life.
The unique chip technology enables hearing aids to link to a variety of electronic devices and multimedia equipment, mobile phones, televisions, laptops and more.

What is a digital hearing aid?

Digital hearing aids are usually made up of: microphone-amplifier-microchip-receiver-battery.
1. The digital hearing aid can automatically recognize and compress the acoustic signal of the noise frequency in a noisy environment, highlighting the acoustic signal of the speech frequency, improving the signal-to-noise ratio, and ensuring the speech recognition rate. It avoids the phenomenon that the simulator user “sounds and hears loudly and uncomfortably”.
2. Digital hearing aids automatically select different calculation formulas according to different hearing loss characteristics, degree, age, etc., to calculate different compensation curves, to meet the user's auditory needs to the utmost, and to make fine adjustments at any time in combination with the user's listening experience.
3. The sound signal processing of the digital hearing aid is more detailed, and it is closer to the natural feeling of the human ear in terms of speech fidelity and sound quality. Different listening programs can be set according to the different usage environments of the users, and the switches can be automatically switched.

How digital hearing aids work

The first part is a microphone (microphone), which is responsible for converting the input acoustic signal into an electrical signal in an analog manner;
The second part is the input signal processor, which is responsible for converting the analog signal into a digital signal;
The third part of the shunt device is responsible for dividing the digital signal into several signal processing channels;
The fourth part is the signal processing device, which has the ability to process signals independently, flexibly and reasonably;
The fifth part is the integrated device, which is responsible for combining the signals from different channels into two parts: high and low frequency;
The sixth part combines the high and low frequency signals completed by the previous stage and outputs them in digital form;
The seventh part is the receiver, which is responsible for reducing the electrical signal to an acoustic signal.

Benefits of using a hearing aid

The digital hearing aid can compensate the sound according to the hearing condition. The sound sounds natural and soft, the language has high definition, and the wide dynamic compression currently used can better compress the sound in the comfort zone. The effect is good, so it is clear in a noisy environment.
1. Automatically adapt to the environment, effectively reduce noise and improve
The clarity of speech.
2. Reproduce natural sounds and optimize patient's own voice
Feeling, improving the naturalness, authenticity and comfort of the sound
3. Automatically eliminate feedback sound. Apply digital feedback suppression
Technology that makes hearing aids noisy feedback
Sound (howling), which improves the language resolution of patients
Force has an important role.

Digital hearing aids are suitable for those who wear

The digital hearing aid has one more chip than the traditional hearing aid. These chips have powerful digital signal processing functions, and the processed digital signals become sound signals, which are then adjusted by a computer. So digital hearing aids can be applied to any group of people. Including children, adolescents, middle-aged and elderly people.

Digital hearing aid from Great Ears

The Great Ear Digital Hearing Aid is the best hearing device you can use to treat hearing loss. This hearing aid device uses the latest chip technology. Make sure you can hear it clearly in noisy sounds. Let you recover to the hearing of normal people. In addition, Great Ear hearing aids can link to a variety of multimedia devices. Make your life more enjoyable every day.

#Bluetooth-enabled digital hearing aid

This new rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aids device G-25-BT is built with the latest wireless bluetooth technology to adapt easily for all adults,seniors and elderly's hearing loss,as well as pair to the iOS and Android phones, televisions, tablets and other favorite audio devices.

#Invisible Digital Hearing Aids

The CIC hearing aid G-16D is a micro mini size with the pull line for pulling from the ear canal fitting in the canal.The size of the hearing aid is 0.40 x 0.55 inches, it can be hidden well in both right ear and left ear, no need to worry the others will notice you wearing it. 

100% Digital 2 Channel WDRC multi memories amplifier of G-16D


#BTE Digital Hearing Aids

The G-26M Behind the Ear BTE Digital hearing aids are designed for people with mild to moderate severe hearing loss. It's a powerful unit with surprisingly clean and crisp sound. The digital hearing aid has a tone control switch so you can easily adjust your hearing aid to what works for your hearing needs.

Common digital hearing aid problems

Q: Does the digital hearing aid support charging?
Our hearing aids are available in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions.
Q: Do digital hearing aids need to be cleaned? How often?
Frequent cleaning of the hearing aid keeps it in top working condition. Recommended once a day
Q: My hearing aid whistles sometimes when I am putting it in my ear
Earplugs and ear contact area is strictly closed, the amplified sound is leaked from the cracks and returned to the microphone to enlarge to produce the whistle. This phenomenon is similar to our common howling that the microphone close to the speaker.
Q: How long is the life of the use?
The average hearing aid lasts 3 – 5 years.
Q: Do I need to wear a hearing aid 24 hours a day?
No, you can take it out before going to bed.
Q: Can digital hearing aids be waterproof?
There is a hearing aid that is waterproof, but it is recommended to take it out when you take a bath or swim.
Q: How long does the hearing aid battery change?
About a week or so, actually based on the time you use
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