The Ear Care Day 2022

The Ear Care Day 2022

The China National Ear Care Day

In March 1998, at the first meeting of the Ninth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, 15 members of the Social Welfare Group put forward the "Suggestions on Establishing Love and Deafness" in view of the fact that the incidence of deafness in my country is high, the number is large, the harm is great, and the prevention is weak. Prop 2330 of the Ear Day Awareness Campaign. This proposal has attracted great attention from the relevant departments. After 10 departments including the China Disabled Persons' Federation and the Ministry of Health jointly agreed, March 3 every year is designated as the China National Ear Care Day.

The International Ear Care Day

The International Ear Care Day was established following the First International Conference on Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment in Beijing in 2007. The day of the celebration was chosen March 3, as far as 3.3.

The Ear Care Day 2022

The March 3, 2022 is the 23rd China National Ear Day. The theme of this year's Ear Care Day is "Caring for Hearing Health and Hearing a nice Future".

Ears are our human’s second eyes, which can help us hear the world and perceive everything. Different degrees of hearing loss will bring many changes to our lives. In severe cases, it may even affect normal speech communication and lead to hearing disabilities. According to the latest World Hearing Report released by WHO in 2021, more and more people suffer from hearing loss and hidden dangers of hearing loss in recent years.

What percentage of the population has hearing loss?

Hearing and language are important for human beings to communicate with each other. However, the haze of ear disease and hearing loss has plagued human beings. According to estimates by the WHO, there are nearly 600 million people with mild hearing loss and 250 million people with moderate hearing loss. There are 20.5 million hearing-impaired persons with disabilities in China, ranking first among all types of disabilities, accounting for 16.79‰ of the Chinese population. Among them, 800,000 deaf children under the age of seven will be born, and more than 30,000 deaf children will be born every year. There are 9.49 million people with presbycusis. With the increase in life expectancy and aging of the population, the number of people with presbycusis is increasing. Hearing loss seriously affects the social interaction and personal quality of life of these individuals.

Today complete of partial hearing loss is the most common form of disability. According to the data of the European Federation of Hard of Hearing People, The European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals and the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Assn, about 80 million people (that is 16% of the European population) suffer hearing loss. This condition is problematic in itself, but hearing loss is often associated with other diseases, like dementia, obesity, depression and diabetes.

Do you know how many people have hearing loss in the United States? 

As a statistic estimate that 25.4 million people over the age of 12 in the United States have a mild hearing loss, and 12.8 million have a moderate or greater hearing loss. However, the severity of hearing loss differs by age.  Among adults younger than 80 years old, mild hearing loss is more common than moderate or greater hearing loss. Whereas, among adults older than 80 years old, moderate or greater hearing loss is more common than mild hearing loss.


For the Seniors and elderly, with their age increasing, the function of all aspects of the body is declining, and the function of the inner ear is decreasing, which will also lead to the occurrence of deafness. Especially those with other diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the risk of deafness will be greatly increased. Often manifested as only hearing the sound but not understanding its meaning; or requiring others to repeat or raise the volume, etc. Hearing loss in the seniors is mostly phononic or mixed hearing loss. After active treatment, the effect is often poor. Those whose hearing loss significantly affects daily life may consider wearing the suitable type of hearing aids,such as the earsmate Bluetooth hearing aids, Rechargeable cic hearing aids, Digital hearing aid amplifiers, or the type of cochlear implantation can be selected if possible.

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