Why Do You Need The Bone Conduction Hearing Aids ?


Why Do You Need The Bone Conduction Hearing Aids ?

What Is The Bone Conduction

Bone Conduction

Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear primarily through the bones of the skull, allowing the hearer to perceive audio content without blocking the ear canal. 
Bone conduction transmission occurs constantly as sound waves vibrate bone,specifically the bones in the skull,although it is hard for the average individual to distinguish sound being conveyed through the bone as opposed to the sound being conveyed through the air via the ear canal.
Intentional transmission of sound through bone can be used with individuals with normal hearing ,as with bone conduction headphones or as a treatment option for certain types of hearing impairment. Bone generally conveys lower-frequency sounds better than higher frequency sounds.

What is the type of Bone Conduction Hearing Aids?

Bone Conduction Hearing Aids amplify sound, but they do it not by passing sound into your ear canal, but actually by sending vibrations through the bones of your skull. These vibrations given off by Bone Conduction are transmitted directly from the aid through your skull and into the Cochlea. 

There are three main forms of Bone Conduction Hearing Aids:

Traditional bone conduction Hearing Aids

Spectacle Hearing Aids

Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA)

Why Do you Need the Bone Conduction Hearing Aids?

Bone Conduction Hearing Aids are similar to traditional air conduction hearing aids in that they assist you with hearing, however they differ from standard hearing aids in exactly how they do it: They are specially designed for people who cannot wear traditional air conduction hearing aids due to some of the following reasons:


 - The person previously has a middle ear conditions

 -  The person has continual ear infections or eczema

 -  The person is fully or partially missing their ear canal

 -  The person’s ear canal is unusually small

Some people experience what is known as Conductive Hearing Loss, which occurs when sound is prevented from reaching the inner ear, usually because of a blockage or abnormality in the middle or outer ear. Bone Conduction hearing aids are a great option when providing amplification.

Why is the Earsmate Bone Conduction Hearing Aids B801 ?

Why is it?

Effortless hearing

No surgery required

Reliable listening

Stays securely in place for optimal sound quality

All-day wearing comfort

No pressure on the skin, No ear occluded

Fashion design

Fashion and sport headphone design

For all Ages

Ideal solution for babies and Seniors

1.This Earsmate Bone conduction headphones Hearing Aids B801 that listen to sound with bones without blocking your ears. 

2.The Earsmate B801 Simple design and easy to use for users,especially easy to use for elderly.

3. The left and right volume can be adjusted individually, and the hearing can be fine-tuned.

4. Bone conduction does not transmit sound through the eardrum, but vibrates the bone and transmits it to the inner ear without blocking your ears, you can hear the sound more firmly. 

5. Since the sound collecting part and the headphones are connected by wire, you can hear the surrounding sound clearly.

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