Best Digital Hearing Aids 2020 Earsmate China

16 channel digital hearing aid with 4 program modes and rechargeable battery,receiver in canal Ric BTE aid at affordable cheap price
The Earsmate Digital Hearing Aid G-28D RIC comes with 4 proprietary modes that are optimally tuned to meet the hearing needs of most seniors/elderly and adults. The receiver-in-canal of Ric design that the model employs allows for a higher sound clarity with lower distortions. The construction of this device uses only premium-grade components that are typically found on costly hearing aids.
Wind noise, whistling, and feedback will be reduced mostly by the new fully digital processor while the wide dynamic range compression (WDRC technology)will amplify the sounds that are difficult to hear and reduce the loud ones. This will ensure that the device will never get too loud as to become uncomfortable and possibly damage your ear even further.
The intelligent volume recording system can keep your volume tone setting automatically if the power off or turn off the device when you are sleepin As a plus, the Earsmate Digital G-28D Ric is ready to be used out of the box. It is a no nonsense model that does not require a prescription or any fitting.
Products specification:
Small Mini BTE Rechargeable RIC Digital Hearing Aid Earsmate brand G-28D RIC   
     *Multi-channel WDRC          
     *16 frequency band     
     *Adaptive Noise reduction            
     *Adaptive Feedback cancellation                            
     *AGC _O  automatic            
     *4 program mode
     *Acoustic Indicator  
     *Volume tone/Mode memery if power off
1.Receiver in ear Canal
2.Discreet RIC Hearing device
3.Fitting for mild to moderate hearing loss
4.Wearing discreet back over ear right or left type
5.Easy to Use for adults,senior and elderly
6.DC5V 1A power USB Charger
7.Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
8.Battery working 40hours by a 4-6 hours charging
9.Volume tone adjustable by up/down button
10.4 mode setting
11.Memory function for tone and mode
This product comes with four modes designed to meet the needs and requirements of all adults and old people or seniors. 
The receiver-in-canal design this product has ensures fewer distortions – therefore, a higher sound quality for the user.
High-pitched noises will be reduced using the latest 100% digital processor, while the low human voices will be enhanced by the wide dynamic range compression, ensuring the device never gets too loud.Also, this model is ready to use out of the box,a FDA approved OTC digital hearing aid device.


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