How to Use Bluetooth Hearing Aids APP with an iPhone/Android Phone

How to Use Bluetooth Hearing Aids APP with an iPhone/Android Phone
Hearing aids are challenging in louder environments, and users sometimes find they need supplemental devices to help boost their hearing aids’ capabilities. That usually means carrying lots of accessories as well as the items you normally carry. Now, iPhone/iOS device or Android phone owners can use Bluetooth hearing aids with their iOS/Android devices to enhance sound quality and control the bluetooth hearing aid of G22BT by its own APP. 
Setting up the Earsmate hearing aid G22BT is very simple. From the Settings menu on your iOS/Andorid device, navigate to General, then Accessibility and finally Hearing Aids. Once you turn Bluetooth on, your iOS/Android device will search for your hearing aid and automatically connect as it would to any other Bluetooth device. Now you have access to a dashboard where you can adjust your settings and check all the different functions that your iOS/Android device tracks.
It's very simple to pair the hearing aid APP of Retone to the iOS/Android device when you open the bluetooth APP on your mobile devices.
1.Then,control this bluetooth hearing aids G22BT by APP for setting-up Switch to the right Ear or left Ear .
2.Do more control and settings with 4 different listening programs for Normal/speech mode,Indoor/Restaurant/Quiet mode,Outdoor/Noise/Road mode,etc..
3.Control the Volume of hearing aid by bluetooth APP for right side Ear or left side Ear
4.Adjust the digital trimming for both right and left Ears on the bluetooth APP for Bass/treble(-/+)
5.There will be a battery status display and remind the Users to change battery in time before the hearing aid dead by battery run out.
This is the Earsmate reminding when you pair Hearing Aids with iPhones/Android system,please do make sure your phone’s software is up to date. And put a fresh battery in your hearing aids. Do make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled!
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