How to protect your hearing aids in summer ?

How to protect your hearing aids in summer ?
As the highly precise electronic product, the moisture-proof work for hearing aids play an important role in daily life. Once the hearing aid is affected with damp, the service life of the hearing aid will be shorten if damp slightly, and the performance of the hearing aid will be affected if damp seriously. What’s the worst,it will cause the hearing aid can not work if Very serious dampness. Summer, as the wettest season of the year, it is very important to do a good job with your hearing aids for the moisture proof work,that is the most important thing to protect your hearing aids.
First of all,we should to know what is the moisture sources to hearing aids.Usually, the main humidity sources to hearing aids are including these factors: one is wearing yours hearing aids in the excessive humidity environment (such as rainy season, swimming room or bathroom, etc.), the others factors are wearing the hearing aids while the sweat, rain, face washing, shampooing, hairdressing, sudden cold or sudden heat environment (such as: summer from air conditioning room to hot outdoor).
So,keep away from the moisture sources is the important way for your hearing aids products moisture proof work.And we should keep the following things in mind and take care more about the hearing aids:
1. When washing your face and washing your hair, you must remove the hearing aids and put it in a place where it is not moisture in the air (such as in a drying box). After the face or hair is completely dry, you can wear hearing aids.
2. When bathing or swimming, the hearing aids should not be brought into the bathroom or swimming room, and you can put on your hearing aids after the hair and ear canal are dry totally.
3. When you are doing the beauty salon or hairdressing, the hearing aids should be removed and put into the special hearing aids protected box. The hearing aids should be worn after the wearing parts are dry.
4. When you are sweating or raining, it is necessary to wipe the sweat or rainwater on the outside of the hearing aid with soft dry cloth or paper towel immediately, and then dehumidify the inner part of the hearing aid with electronic nursing treasure or cold wind of hair dryer.
5. When hearing aids are not used in the evening, the hearing aids should be put into an electronic nursing treasure or a drying box to dry the hearing aids.
6.Get into the habit of visiting the acoustic on fitting center for drying and maintenance your hearing aids (it is recommended to go once a month in summer, half a month for sweaty people, and once every two months for other seasons).
7. For these purulent otitis media users, we the Earsmate suggest you do not wear hearing aids during purulent period.
8. Before washing clothes, mare sure your hearing aids are not in your pockets.
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