Looking for China Hearing Aid Supplier Guidelines

On December 11, 2001, China officially joined the World Trade Organization and became its 143rd member. After that, China became the world's largest exporter. Goods from made in China can be seen in many developed countries. China has also become a processing factory in the world. However, even in today's globalized trade, it is difficult for both parties to find buyers from both Chinese and Chinese suppliers.

With a total of 466 million hearing impairments worldwide, it is a huge hearing aid market. There are many entrepreneurs who want to run a hearing aid agency to sell hearing aids to these patients, but they don't have access to the source of the product. The manufacturing costs abroad are very high. The best way is to go to China and get cooperation with Chinese suppliers.

How to find a Chinese hearing aid supplier? foreign bosses are thinking about how to find a good Chinese hearing aid supplier.


1. Now summarize some effective ways to find Chinese suppliers:

  • Participate in the exhibition:

The largest exhibition in China is called the Canton Fair. There are two exhibitions held each year. There are many suppliers that will showcase the latest products for their company. You can experience the product in detail.


However, it should be noted that if you do not speak Chinese and are not accompanied by an interpreter, then going to the exhibition is basically a no-brainer. You need to know Chinese to be familiar with the way Chinese people do things. Obviously, hiring translators and other accompanying personnel requires expenses. If you don't have money and don't plan to spend money on it, you have to find a way to get in touch with the vendors you are interested in. You can ask the organizers for help. You can also inquire about the information on Chinese suppliers from people around you. The more you can, the more you can seek professional procurement agencies if necessary.

  • Search on the B2B platform:

There are many well-known b2b platforms: such as Alibaba, made in China, and other well-known platforms. On such a platform, you can find the supplier you are looking for.

The downside is that this means that they usually don't have a website. They say that English is not good. Orders must be paid by wire transfer instead of a credit card, and there is no guarantee that you will get what you want, and there is no guarantee. Not all good suppliers are inside


  • Google search for independent brand websites:

There are now some suppliers in China who own their own independent brand websites. These sites have detailed product descriptions, company profiles, locations, contact details, and various payment methods. This kind of supplier is very worthy of cooperation, but because they don't understand optimization and promotion, few people know and know their website.Like: earsmate Brand hearing aid supplier


2. How to ensure the quality of Chinese products?

When you are looking for a suitable supplier and decide to purchase goods, the most important thing is to ensure product quality.

Do we need to set up our own quality control organization?

Must I visit Chinese manufacturers in person?

What is the relationship between payment terms and product price/performance ratio?

You can build your own quality control team, which marks your company's ability to monitor the quality of incoming and outgoing samples and solve all product quality related issues. This practice can effectively guarantee the quality of the goods purchased, so that your customers no longer complain about the quality of your imported goods, avoiding the extra cost of product quality problems. So to some extent, setting up the company's quality control organization is an investment in the future development of the company in China.

When you look at a Chinese supplier, you should conduct a site visit. Some experts may think that it is not necessary to go in person, just buy a few samples. Indeed, some Chinese manufacturers have a satisfactory internal quality supervision system to ensure product quality standards. Working with these vendors, you won't have much trouble.

For product quality problems, you should find a form of compromise. In order to avoid causing great losses due to product quality failures, you should initially accept vendors with slightly higher prices. When you talk to Chinese manufacturers, you need to pay attention to the fact that the labor costs, administrative expenses and general operating expenses of Chinese manufacturers will not change in the short term, so it is only necessary to focus on the profits of the manufacturers. Of course, manufacturers will not make a loss of business.

The Chinese are basically negotiators, and they know how to persuade you to accept the reasons for their offer. After several rounds of negotiations, when you find that if they insist on accepting your quotation, the manufacturer will lose money, you should not be more difficult, otherwise, the problem will appear in other forms, it is better to change the supplier.


3. How to reduce the risk of purchasing in China?

China attracts buyers from all over the world, but it is difficult to select good suppliers and monitor their production processes in China.

Factory audits, quality control, and production monitoring are the most important factors to consider when producing products in China. Now everyone is talking about China and talking about its charm and attractiveness, so everyone ran to China to produce products: Chinese manufacturers are also well aware of this. In fact, it is easy for us to find many Chinese suppliers on the Internet, such as Alibaba and China Manufacturing Network, but it is not an easy task to find a good one that fully meets the requirements we require. Also, pay attention to the manufacturers of online display. In the online showroom, the manufacturers we saw were perfect, but in reality, it may not be. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct on-the-spot investigations, and the ultimate goal is to ensure the reliability of suppliers.

For a foreigner who does not know much about the Chinese market, it is basically impossible to get the best quality goods in China and to receive the goods within the expected delivery time. A lot of people fall into the trap, and the more you order, the more you should pay attention to risk control.

An audit of a Chinese manufacturer allows us to understand its qualifications, production capacity, scale and its ability to respond quickly.

We should focus on the following points:

l Internal organizational structure of the enterprise;

l Export licenses and related certifications;

l Export experience and major export markets;

l research and development capabilities;

l Employee qualifications;

l Production tools and appliances/production lines / technical level;

l Enterprise reputation/modernization level/working conditions;

l raw material quality/packaging quality;

l After-sales service and communication skills...

Before the delivery of the goods, the direct quality control of the manufacturer is the most important part. In China, even if someone is monitoring their production at the factory, their products are always unable to meet the needs of Western companies. It is precise because of this that we have emphasized the control of quality control.

The Chinese have a mantra called “Cha Bu Duo” (almost). From here we can see the Chinese people's thinking patterns and attitudes towards product quality.

It is only after the goods are delivered that the goods are found to have quality defects. If you want to return them, it will become quite difficult, and it will take time and effort to save money. Therefore, quality clauses need to be added to the contract to reduce the quantity and quality risks of the purchase.

The review of products mainly requires consideration of the following points, which can reduce production defects, delivery delays and product problems that plague importers.

l Product Name / Item Number

l Weight/quantity

l Production materials

l color / icon / label / brand

l Certification / Standard

l Intellectual property/packaging

l Compare with sample

So how much can the cost of foreign SMEs choose to purchase from China? In general, good procurement can save costs by 15%-50%. But three necessary conditions are required: a good partner, pre-audit and quality control.

Producing and assembling products in China can give Western companies a huge competitive advantage while opening the door to the Chinese and Asian markets.


4. How to work with Chinese manufacturers?

First of all, business in China is considered to be a relatively close personal matter, so it will involve gifts, receptions, dinners and another etiquette. If you want to maintain a good long-term relationship with these Chinese manufacturers, then you are advised to familiarize yourself with the way and style of Chinese business.

Second, when you talk to Chinese vendors about business, you need to keep in mind what you care about. You will find that they have a completely different way of doing things from you. At this time, you only need to pay attention to the results. Don't force Chinese manufacturers to accept your solution, as long as the results of the program will satisfy you. You will find that Chinese suppliers naturally have his reasons for doing this.

Also in China, you often hear Chinese manufacturers say to you, "We hope to establish a good relationship with you," especially in most of your emails. This sentence is actually what Chinese manufacturers want you to feel. Be self-sufficient while maintaining long-term relationships. They keep repeating this sentence, hoping that you can understand and accept the product itself or the delivery time needs to be delayed. This approach is very different from Western business practices. In the West, you complete your business, I finish my work, and everyone is official. The boundaries between public and private here are completely unclear, which means that the signing of the contract is only a matter of opening, and the personal relationship with the Chinese manufacturers is the most effective guarantee for completing the business. Sometimes Chinese manufacturers will encounter unexpected difficulties, so you need to be prepared. Some people do not believe that this will happen, but the fact is that an unexpected situation will occur.

In China, you need to play your own role. Don't make your relationship with Chinese manufacturers unbalanced. Personal friendship must be done well. There is no legal provision to define this relationship. To understand the influence of Chinese culture, you must “sink” into it.

So what role should you play? Simply speaking, you are a VIP. You are invited. You are a buyer. If you have money in your hands, you have the right to accept and reject. If you know Chinese, then the Chinese are more welcome.

Please pay attention to the details. Many people may not have the manual to track the procurement process, and then a third party is required to solve the problem for you. What you need to ensure is the production process, not just the circulation, so you can save time and money. Faxes, emails, and calls can really help you get information, but it's best to get product images and samples, or field trips.

Chinese manufacturers often tell you that "this kind of thing will never happen" or "a situation like this is extremely rare." If you are dissatisfied with such an answer, you can terminate the payment. You need to constantly ask the manufacturer for feedback and clarify the requirements so that the manufacturer can better grasp your actual expectations and try to meet your expectations. From the initial stages of production, high standards are implemented.

Regarding the contract, you may have already learned some terrible cases of default. If you have a problem with your Chinese partner, you can, of course, solve the problem through the court, but it doesn't work at all. Many Chinese manufacturers may not care much about the legal value of the contract. Chinese companies still value the legal provisions of private relationships rather than rules and regulations. Business is private, and contracts are often seen as a form rather than an obligation that must be fulfilled. But in any case, in the law, the way you treat Chinese manufacturers should be the same as the way you treat Western vendors.

Finally, remember to grasp your own principles, but you need to know how to work on secondary issues. Knowing the flexibility and luck, you will achieve commercial success in China.

More details can be found in "How to work with hearing aid companies to increase sales"


5. What should I pay attention to when working together? 


  • You can ask the supplier to cooperate with the business license.

If you don't know Chinese, it doesn't matter. You can find a Chinese translator. Let him assist you with the review. Avoid being an informal company. Where is the specific location?


  • What is the minimum order quantity for cooperation?

For Chinese suppliers, the more orders you have, the better. They are not afraid of your orders, and you are afraid that your order is too small. In this way, you can earn more profits. For your first cooperation, you need to try and make sure they are the suppliers you are looking for.


  • How long does it take to produce a good delivery?

Sometimes different types of samples are made at different times. The more precise the time, the slower it is. Depending on the type of product, sample production time can vary greatly.


  • What is the payment plan and what payment is used?

The current Chinese supplier's payment plan is to deliver a 30% deposit first, which is requested before delivery. The remaining 70% are

Most factories accept payment methods that are 30% before starting production and the remaining 70% are paid before shipment. In other words, before foreign sellers actually receive your product, they will need to pay 100% of the cost for your product. In order to better control the quality of the product before shipment, the seller may go to the factory to visit the factory or send a quality control team. For large orders, sensible foreign sellers usually send a quality control team to investigate before paying 70% of the balance.


I hope this article can help, if you feel good, you can share it with some people around you!

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