How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

Hearing Aid Batteries

When we talk with the clients,it is a high frequency question of how long do your hearing aid batteries last or what is your hearing aid battery life or how many hours do your hearing aids can work continuously?

To be honesty,it is a difficulty and very professional question that we can not answer them in one sentence.Because the time of hearing aid battery working which is depended on some different factors,such as the battery type,the battery capacity,the hearing aid types,the hearing aids working condition of environment,hearing aid volume degree and how much streaming do with the hearing aids and so on.

Disposable batteries 

First of all,let’s talk about the traditional hearing aids which is working by the disposable batteries of Zinc Air batteries #A10,#A312,#A13 or #A675 or the button cell battery of LR44,AG5,AG13 Alkaline Button Coin Cell Battery etc..

Nowadays,the Zinc Air batteries is used mostly for the tradition hearing aid amplifiers.Due to the different capacity 

1). The A10 battery has the least power capacity about 80-100mAH that can work last for about 20 to 150 hours,

2). The A675 has the most power capacity about 600-650mAH that can work last for about 100 to 600 hours.

3). The hearing aid battery A13 is about 280-310mAH capacity that can work for about 60 to 300 hours.

4). The Zinc Air battery A312 has 150-180mAH capacity that can work for about 50 to 150 hours.

Obviously,the different size of battery has different capacity,even though,there is different working life if use the same size battery.Therefore,there is the final answer for just one specific model of hearing aids.For example,the model of Earsmate hearing aid G10,it is a small ITE hearing aid,the battery time is about 250 hours if working in the Zinc Air battery #A13,but it is only about 50hours if working in the cell button battery of AG5.And there is another model of Earsmate CIC Hearing aid G11,it is working in the Zinc Air battery #A10 that can last work for about 150 hours of super long time due to the digital chips and advanced mainboard with the low battery drain for less currency consumption.

Rechargeable batteries

Besides the disposable batteries,there are more and more rechargeable hearing aids that work with the built-in rechargeable battery,such as the Lithium-ion battery,or Ni-MH battery,including the top 6 best hearing aid brands of Resound,Starkey,Phonak,Widex,Oticon and Siemens,also,the new brand of Earsmate of emhearingaid have some hot sales rechargeable hearing aids.For example,the Earsmate CIC Hearing aid of G19 which is an invisible hearing aid cic model built-in the li battery which can work for about 24 hours by a full charging and the portable charger case has the rechargeable battery inside that can work as a power bank to charge this rechargeable cic hearing aid 4-5 times when you are travelling or anywhere outside..


Generally speaking, the bigger the battery, the longer it can power your device. However, your usage will affect the amount of use you get from your batteries. For instance, if your hearing aid has a lot of additional features, like Bluetooth, it will likely drain power faster.


As to the disposable hearing aid batteries,it may not last long, they’re fairly easy to take out and replace, so the process becomes routine pretty quickly. If you or your loved one has limited manual dexterity, a rechargeable battery may be a better choice. If you’re shopping for a hearing aid with a rechargeable battery, look for a model that can run all day and fully recharge overnight.And try to find our Earsmate emhearingaid,there is a best seller rechargeable hearing aid amazon of Earsmate G25 that will be your suitable choice with the hearing aid manufacturer price and service.Contact us NOW by email or WhatsApp (86) 18565775544.
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