How to pairing hearing aids to iphone?

How to pairing hearing aids to iphone?

Pairing Hearing Aids to Phone
Nowadays,there are more and more hearing aids with bluetooth that can be controlled by smart phone and mobile players,such as the Iphone,Ipad,Android phone.Meanwhile,most of the people have cell phone and it's easy for the hearing loss seniors or elderly to control the bluetooth hearing aids devices.

Pairing hearing aids to iphone

The G402BT is the best Open fit of dual directional microphone Earsmate bluetooth hearing aids  andl be affordable and helpful for seniors hearing loss to enjoy the hearing amplification with the bluetooth hearing device,meanwhile control hearing aids by APP on iPhone and Android phone screen.
The users can control the right ear and left ear Volume,Mode and Tone control by the bluetooth hearing aid phone APP of Bluetooth HA..

Be sure to check if your hearing aid 

is compatible with the iPhone

First of all,you should insert the zinc air battery size of A312 to the earmsate mini bluetooth hearing aid G402BT,then close the battery door to make sure the battery and hearing aid with bluetooth can work well.

Connecting your hearing aid to your iPhone improves sound quality by routing calls, videos, and music directly to your hearing aid. It also allows you to make hearing aid adjustments more easily using your phone. 
But how exactly do you pair your hearing aids to an iPhone?

Do pairing hearing aids to iPhone or android phone, you'll need to do the following:

Step 1

Find the Bluetooth hearing aids APP on Google Play store.The hearing aids APP for Phone is "Control HA".To search the APP name download it and install on Iphone..

Step 2

If you have installed the Bluetooth hearing aid APP,please set up the phone bluetooth and turn it on and enable the phone's bluetooth work normally.

Step 3

There will be a window showing and do the bluetooth pairing.So,you can confirm to do the hearing aid APP" bluetooth HA" to pair with hearing device.

Step 4

Maybe one or two second later,the bluetooth pairing will be finished and the pairing to hearing aids has been ready.Then,you will get the Bluetooth APP connected.

Step 5

Get the Bluetooth hearing aids APP on Iphone or smart phone for device function setting one by one.

Select device

Now,you can set your wireless bluetooth hearing aid on right ear or left ear for the Volume up or down,Mode control

Select menu

Find the smart mini bluetooth hearing aid menu to control more of the earsmate hearing aids.

Tone control

To Fit the bluetooth digital hearing aid better for hearing loss assist,you can adjust the Tone for Bass and Treble UP and Down.


Now you are connecting hearing aids to iphone, which is the same way of pairing hearing aids to phone of Android system.And you can begin controlling the Earsmate Bluetooth hearing aids devices G402BT from your mobile phone’s screen.

Need help with Earsmate Bluetooth hearing aids devices?

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