Digital Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid With Charge Dock

Digital Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid With Charge Dock
This is the Earsmate new 4 channel WDRC processor Digital Chips Mini Rechargeable RIC Hearing Aid With Charge Dock for a pair of 2 units Hearing Aids Products

Model: Vigor 402RC-T

Product Feature:

1. 100% Digital Processing
2. Open-fit design
3. 4 channels WDRC amplifer
4. Dual microphone
5. Used NiMH 312A rechargeable battery
6. Portable box provides power storage and drying function 
7. Full Charging time: 6H
8. Duration of use: 20H
9. OEM brand is available
The lastest portable USB power charger for the rechargeable battery and charging a pair of two units devices at the same time.
* Rechargeable for using over 20 hours with one full charge, the user no need to handle the tiny batteries every day.
* With backup batteries for longer life time using, effortless for after service.
* Beautiful and portable charging case for pair charging.
* USB type charging slot, no matter of negative or positive

Technical Data

Technical Data
Vigor 402RC-T
Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)
HAF  OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)
Peak  Gain(dB)
HAF Ful on Gain (dB)
Frequency Range (Hz)
1600Hz (%)
EQ Input Noise  (dB)
Battery size 
312A NiMH rechargeable









With the Peak Gain up to 40dB,it is fitting for mild to moderate hearing loss,and wearing on the right and left ears by the pair devices.


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