The Best Selling New Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids 2020

The Best Selling New Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids 2020
A hearing aid is a small device placed in or around the ear, which amplifies sound in order to assist those who suffer from hearing loss. The most common hearing aids are digital and built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, which process sound waves into digital signals.
The Earsmate G26RL Digital Hearing Aid is an affordable, multi-channel, behind the ear MINI BTE digital hearing aid. It is ideal for people with mild to severe hearing loss who desire a crisp clear sound, a comfirtable listening experience, and easy to use settings. This New G26RL Behind the ear hearing aids have the advantage of being more durable as the electrical components are located in a case outside of the ear. This reduces the amount of ear wax and moisture that damage the hearing aid.
•The New DHA G26RL is a digitally optimized hearing aid, "High Performance" and RL( Rechargeable and fitting Light severe hearing loss)
•4 Channel Multi Memory - Channel 1 is preferred for a quieter environment, Channel 2 is preferred for a noisier environment, Channel 3 is preferred for indoor environment and channel 4 is preferred for a outdoor environment.
•Background noise reduction feature - reduce annoying background noises.
•Low battery warning - warns you when the battery is running low.
•The Earsmate G26RL is designed to fit both right and left of either ear.
•Memory switch - Volume & Program memory- your listening settings when you turn the hearing aid back on.
•Easy to use Rocker Volume Control by 10 level sound amplification- Toggle up or down to increase or decrease the volume, no fussy dials that are hard to manipulate.
•The Earsmate G26RL takes a powerful of Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, no need replacement battery, just 4 hours charging and 40hours lasting working
•A pack of Free USB charger and cable are included with each hearing aid ordered.
•FDA listed and approved
•Free portable compact box for protected Shipping
The New DHA of G28D RIC hearing aid is designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. It's a powerful unit with surprisingly clean and crisp sound. The New hearing device G28D RIC has a tone control switch so you can easily adjust your hearing aid to what works for your hearing needs. 
The noise reduction filter enhances your listening comprehension. The Earsmate G28D RIC hearing aid is a great value in hearing. The maximum output is limited at 118dB which protects your ear from sudden loud sounds. The channel multi memory amplifier, amplifies the sound, shaping the low frequency and high frequency differently by setting.   The G28D RIC is sleek, slim, and all but invisible behind the ear.
This RIC Mini Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids, have the advantage of being more durable as the electrical components are located in a case outside the ear. This reduces the amount of earwax and moisture that would damage the hearing aid. Behind the Ear hearing aids are more suitable for adults and old people as ear buds can be easily replaced when it’s duty.
Uses a high quality Lithium Ion rechargeable and no need replacement battery by only 4 hours charging and super longer of 40 hours lasting working. Free Li Batteries charger and USB Cable included with your hearing aid packing.
What are the Advantages of Behind the Ear BTE Hearing Aids?
1.Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are the most popular hearing aids on the market today because they are robust, easy-to-use and appropriate for a wide range of hearing loss. Some important benefits of behind-the-ear hearing aids:
2.BTE hearing aids usually need fewer repairs than in-the-ear (ITE) and receiver-in-canal (RIC) models. This is partly because BTE hearing aids are more durable and usually do not come into contact with earwax or moisture as much as the ITE or RIC models might.
3.BTE hearing aids are usually larger than ITE hearing aids. The slightly larger size makes them easier to manipulate, especially for those with limited motor abilities.
The slightly bigger batteries that fit inside BTE hearing aids tend to last longer, which can save users money.
4.BTE models often produce minimal feedback (whistling), even at higher volumes. This is because components of these hearing aids are farther apart than those in ITE hearing aids. Improvements in technology also help control the whistling sound that hearing aids can produce.
5.BTE hearing aids are appropriate for a wide range of hearing loss.They can be a comfortable open-fit (with a tube and tip), or occluding for more severe hearing loss (with an ear hook and ear mold).
6.BTE aids are relatively easy to clean and handle.
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